How To Download Subtitles From YouTube?

There are instances where we want to download subtitles from YouTube videos as well. We know YouTube has grown so rapidly, in other words, it has conquered the world.  There is a large number of content creators who continuously create and upload different videos on YouTube. We can find music, tutorial videos, comedy videos, films, […]

Twitter Fleets: Everything You Should Know About It

Even being among the top social media platforms, Twitter usually takes a long time to introduce some features for its users. After a long time, Twitter has introduced a feature for its users named Twitter Fleets. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, Twitter simply doesn’t introduce or update features for Twitter […]

7 Free YouTube Video Downloaders For Android Phones[2021]

Are you searching for the best and free Youtube video downloader apps for Android that can help you to download Youtube videos for free on your device to watch them offline?  You might be knowing the names of such android apps already that let you download YouTube videos on your android devices.  But if you […]

Everything You Should Know About Cloud Storage

Whenever we come to store our data, we either talk about our Hard Disk(HDD), Solid Slate Drives(SSD) or pen drives, or any other types of data storing devices. And this is the easiest way and the genuine way to store our data like files, documents, photos, and videos. But as we know with the time […]

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