Something About Friendship


Something About Friendship

How can you define a word FRIENDSHIP???

To be honest and frank, this word FRIENDSHIP is among those few words in the dictionary whose actual meaning or definition is very difficult to define. You can't find its actual definition. 

You will get to hear the meaning and definition of friendship different from person to person. Very few peoples around you may have a similar meaning and definition of friendship as yours. 

Many of you may define friendship as a bond or relation that can be with anyone whom you consider as your friend. That friend might be your classmates, workmates, family members, your loved ones. You can have a great friendship with the animals too. 

These all have one conclusion that you can have a friendship with anyone with whom you can share the mutual bond of love and care. We all including you and me have someone or may more than one such friend with whom we have this kind of mutual bond that we call friendship. 

A broken friendship may be repaired but the break will always show. Friendship is a precious thing---too precious-a treasure to be carelessly broken or thrown away. The word 'Friends' lightly its real true deeper meaning is forgotten.

Your friend is one who appreciates you and your faults as well as your virtues. He/She understands and sympathies with your defeat and victories, your aims and ideas, your joys and temptations, your hopes and disappointment as no one else does or fort, for praise; he/she may not be as learned as some or as wise as others.

Blessed is the man and woman into whose life has come to the beauty and power of such a friendship. Prize it well. Do all the power to keep such a friendship unbroken. Avoid the break, for when it comes it cannot be mended and jarring note mars the harmony.

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