In this article, I am going to give you some of the best websites to download Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies easily in Full HD quality in high resolution up to 1080p Bluray. I want to make you clear many of your one of the big believer that any movies that can be found on the internet in good quality within the day it was released. This is the misconception. The movie can be found in good HD quality only when the movie got leaked which is rare. 

Otherwise, any movies either that are Hollywood or Bollywood are available in good HD print only after its digital release which may take more than 1 month. 

So this is my suggestion that if you really want to watch any movies, just wait for its digital release if you can't go to the theatre to watch those movies. There are so many websites from where we can download the movies or watch them online but they are quite tricky and lengthy and people find this way annoying to download the movies in a long process. 

Best Websites To Download Bollywood And Hollywood Movie

These are some of the best websites to download movies Bollywood or Hollywood,


Extramovies is one of the best websites on the internet where you can find Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, other regional movies. You can also find web-series that are released on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. You can find the movies in a very categorized way on this site. You can download as well as watch the movie online too from this website. 

One of the best things about this website is every Hollywood movie or any Non-Hindi movies or web-series which are also released in Hindi can be easily found on this website easily. One of the best features of this website is there are so many links to download the movies. There is the direct link of a torrent to download the movies. 

One thing is annoying about this website that there occur so many ads while clicking for each process if you are going to download the movies. I suggest you go for the direct link of the torrent to download the movies.

Process To Download Movies From Extramovies:

First, open the website by clicking on the above title extramovies. After that, the given page will be open. 

When you will open this website, this page will open. For now, let's download a recent Hollywood movie which is released in Hindi too Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil. After clicking on the movie, the given page will appear.

Scrolling this page a quite down, the download link of the movie will appear.

You can download the movie from all these links. But every link has a lot of ads. So it may be quite annoying as I have mentioned this above too. For now, let's download the movie from the torrent link. So after clicking on the Torrent Download, there will occur some pages instead of start downloading directly.

When you will click the Torrent Download button from the above page, this page will open. So as above let's click this Download button one more time. And after that, there will occur another page where we have to keep some patience. 

When this above page will appear, you have to wait for some seconds. After waiting for some seconds this link will generate. Once the link is generated. Click on this Double Click To Generate button. After clicking this too, this link will be generated on other pages which are shown below.

Once the download link is generated, click on this Get Link button to download the movie.

This will be the last page to start the downloading of the movie. You will have two choices to download the movie. Either you download the torrent file of the movie by clicking the Download Now button or you just click the Magnet Link button to start the download instantly if you have a torrent file downloader apps like Utorrent or BitTorrent.


Babytorrent is the other best website to download Hollywood, Bollywood, or South Indian movies. This is actually a torrent site. This is one of the very few websites where you can find the movie in the best quality even the movie is recently released either it's a Hollywood, Bollywood, or any movies. 

Apart from movies, you can find TVSeries and Web Series of Netflix, Hotstar, Apple Plus or etc. You can find the movies in the categorized way on this website also. The process of downloading movies from this site isn't so long as the process shown in the first-mentioned site.

Process To Download Movies From BabyTorrent:

Go into your browser and type BABYTORRENT in the search bar. And open the first link shown on the webpage. After that, the page as given below will appear. 

This is the home page of the website. Here you will see the different movies of different categories and of different industries. For example, let's download any Bollywood movie. For this let's click on the Bollywood menu. Now the given page will appear.

Here is the list of Bollywood movies. For now, let's download a recent superhit movie War.
So click on the War.

The page of the movie appears. Now scroll a bit down of the page, you will find download links of the movie. 

This will be the same format as download links to all movies. There may have all the links of qualities in which the movie is available on this site. But here for the movie War, it is available in 720p. Let's click the Download button now after choosing the quality in which you want to download the movie. After clicking the Download button the given page will open.

Now, wait for some time to wait for the download links to generate. Once the link is generated, click the Get Link button. After clicking, the movie will begin to download.

These are the best two websites to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in very good quality. 

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