Though the geographical size of Nepal is not so large and big and doesn't cover a big portion of the world map and also being surrounded by two big nations from all of it's side India and China, NEPAL and its beauty have never been hidden from the world. 

The country despite being of a lot of diversities in its geographical landscape, from having large and high Himalayas, Mountains, and plain lands, Nepal never lost its pride and glory. There is also a huge diversity among the peoples of Nepal due to a large number of different communities, castes, and religions. Nepal is among those few countries where no fights, conflicts, or war has occurred in the name of castes, races, or religions not in the past nor in the present. Nepal always has taught its people to live in a wave of peace with mutual love and harmony. There are some political issues in Nepal and had some conflicts in the past that too due to politics which is obvious if there is a politics in a country but still, Nepal has never lost its pride and glory. Nepal was, Nepal is, and always will be the peace-loving country in the world. 

The Things For Which Nepal Is Known And Famous In The World

Everyone who knows about Nepal must have been introduced to the beauty of the country. With the diversities in landscape and people, the country also has a huge diversification in natural resources like evergreen forests, the number of large non-stop flowing rivers, different kinds of flora and fauna, etc. The history of Nepal is older than many South Asian countries as well as the other many countries of the world. The country is quite beautiful than countries like Switzerland. There are huge numbers of things for which Nepal is famous in the world. Nepal is among those countries whose name many have heard of but don't know much about it. Whenever many heard about Nepal, the names like Mt.Everest, Sherpas, Himalayas, Gautam Buddha, etc might come in their minds, but Nepal has several other things that present Nepal and for which Nepal is famous and well known in the rest of the world. In this article, you are going to know about the same things for which Nepal is known and famous in the world. 

Large Number Of High Mountains In The World

It is one of the known facts of Nepal in the world. Many people around the globe know this that with the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest, Nepal also has many highest mountain peaks on the Earth than other countries. 

There is a total of 14 mountain peaks in the world of more than 8000-meter heights. Among these 14 mountain peaks, Nepal only has 8 such high mountains. All of these 8 mountains are in the list of top 10 highest mountain peaks on the Earth. 

Birthplaces Of Religious Personalities Like Gautam Buddha and Goddess Sita

Nepal has been the land of holy and religious personalities for a very long time. 
This is the same country that is known as the birthplace of goddess Sita and Lord Gautam Buddha. 

Goddess Sita better known as the wife of Lord Ram is considered as one of the great goddesses in Hinduism. Her love, respect, and responsibilities toward her husband Ram is still an example to the women of today's world. 

Nepal is highly known and famous in the world for being known as the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism who showed the world a new light.

Having Numbers Of World Heritages Sites

The next thing for which Nepal is famous in the world is the world heritage sites. There is a number of religious places in Nepal that are enlisted by UNESCO in the world heritage sites. 

There are many religious and old places, temples, stupas, national parks that have been enlisted by UNESCO in world heritage sites. The 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal are:

  • Pashupati Nath Temple
  • Swaymabhunath Stupa
  • Boudhanath Stupa
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Patan Durbar Square
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Changunarayan Temple
  • Lumbini
  • Sagarmatha National Park
  • Chitwan National Park

These world heritage sites have made Nepal quite popular in the rest of the world. Millions of tourists came to visit these world heritage sites yearly. 

The Gurkhas And The Khukuris

The thing that comes in mind of the many people first after Mt. Everest in the world after hearing the name of Nepal is the Brave Gurkhas. The bravery of Gurkhas is always appreciated by the other countries of the world. Gurkhas have really made Nepal famous and popular in the world. 

The brave Gurkhas have served the other countries in the past as well in the present. Even today, the Gurkhas are signed for UN Peace Keeping and have been serving in many nations. Apart from this, countries like India, Britain, the US, Singapore, etc recruited Gurkhas to their army. 

Gurkhas are especially known for carrying a knife-like weapon called Khukuri. Khukuri is one of the traditional and oldest weapons of Nepal. Khukuri and Nepal can't be imagined without each other. 


Nepal had been the Hindi nation for a long time. The constitution of Nepal declared Nepal a secular country in 2015.

Still, Nepal is the country with the most percentage of Hindu religion in the world. More than 80% population of Nepal follows the Hindu religion. Though the country is secular, it is still considered as the Hinduism country in the world. Whenever the word Hindu comes, the name of Nepal is on the list.

Living Goddess

Nepal is the country which is also well known for having a living goddess. Living Goddess is also known as Kumari Devi or simply Kumari. Basically, it is a tradition followed by the Hindu and Buddhist communities of Nepal. 

In this tradition, a girl is selected and chosen as a goddess Kumari for one day and is worshipped on certain festivals. 

Nepal is known in the world for this tradition and having a living goddess Kumari. 

For Some Hollywood And Bollywood Movies

The beautiful nature, Himalayas, mountains and the religious temples and places of Nepal have been attracting the filmmakers from all over the world to shoot a film in Nepal. 

There are many popular movies from Bollywood and Hollywood that have been shot in Nepal. The Bollywood movies like Khuda Gawah of Amitabha Bachchan was shot in the large portion in the mustang of Nepal. There are also other Indian movies like Baby, Love In Nepal, Yodha that have been shot in Nepal.

Not only Indian movies, but there are also some very popular Hollywood movies like Doctor Strange, Everest, Little Buddha that have shot in Nepal in the large portion.

So, Nepal is also known for these widely popular movies in the world. 

Adventure Sports Like Bunji Jumping And Rafting, Trekking And Hiking

As Nepal is full of high hills and mountain, fast-flowing rivers, the popularity of adventure games like Bunji Jumping, Paragliding, Rafting, Trekking, and Hiking is quite more. 

Many tourists from all over the world come to Nepal for these kinds of adventure sports. That's why Nepal is famous for these types of sports in the world. 

These are some of the things for which Nepal is known, popular and famous in the world.