Google Drive is one of the best free features or services by Google that is available on Windows, Andriod, and macOS. It is one of the best cloud services to store data and files. You can upload your essential files and data either they are photos, documents, videos, etc on your Google Drive and can access all these files on any devices simply by logging your Google ID in the device.

Google Drive was first launched on April 24, 2012 A.D. Google Drive allows the users to upload their files and data on the server of Google for free that can be shared across the devices. Google Drive gives the user storage of 15 GB to store the data for free without charging a single penny. But you can get the storage of up to 30TB with the premiums or simply by paying money according to the plans.

As you all know, Google Drive can be available on Windows, macOS, and Andriod in the form of application and software as well in the form of a website. Initially, Google Drive only allows users to upload files like photos and document related files. But now with the changes and several updates, Google Drive has introduced a lot of new features for the users.

Now Google has given access to create documents, slides, and sheets in Google Drive. You don't have to make these files in other Softwares.

Apart from these features of Google Drive, there are also many useful features of Google Drive that can make Google Drive more useful than you thought.

Best Unknown Features Of Google Drive

Let's know about these features.

Able To Share Large Files With Others

There are some large storage files that you can't share or send by your mail. GMAIL only allows you to share the files less than 20 MB with others. You can't send any files of more than 20 MB by Gmail. Gmail doesn't allow you to send any files like photos or documents more than 20 MB to others by mailing.

So here Google Drive comes to help you in this case. Google Drive allows you to share the files of even large storage with others. No matter you want to share those files via Gmail. You can still share that with Gmail. Only you have to do is you have to upload your file to Google Drive that you want to send.

After uploading that file in your Google Drive, copy the link of that file and paste it in your mail to give the access of the file to the person you want to send the mail. You can send large files like videos, photos, documents, etc that are more than 20 MB via Google Drive.

Able To Access Files And Data Offline

As you know, Google Drive allows you to store your files and data online in the form of cloud storage. But these files and data are saved online and are supposed to available online only.

In many instances, there are some of your files and documents that you might need urgently and you don't have access to be online. In such cases, you aren't able to get your files and documents.

But Google Drive has a solution to this problem. Google Drive allows you to make your files and data available offline. You can make your essential files and documents available offline. This helps you to get your files anytime you want without consuming the storage of your device.

One of the best things about this feature is you can also watch movies or any shows offline. Like other files, you have to upload the movies in your Google Drive and have to make that available for offline. After that, you can enjoy watching movies offline whenever you have free time. I use this feature to watch movies while traveling on buses.

Able To Make Back-Up Of Your Phone

Whenever our phone is lost or we get new phones, it is very hard to retrieve all of the files and data like the contact lists, messages, notes, and other things that are on our phones to other new phones we get. Either you have to keep all these things manually into the new phones or have to forget the things that were in old phones.

In this case, also, Google Drive can help you. Google Drive also allows you to create the back-up of your entire phone. In this back-up, it will create the back-up of your photos, contact lists, call logs, text messages list, and other things.

Able To Send Or Share Your Files To Other Platforms Without Downloading

Sometimes you want to share the files from Google Drive to other social platforms. Since you have the store that files in Google Drive online for free to save your storage. So you don't want to download that file on your device and after that share it on other platforms. 

You may think that you can't share the files from Google Drive directly to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any other platforms. 

Google Drive allows you to share files like photos or data directly to other platforms without downloading them on your device. You can directly share a copy of the file from Google Drive to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, and other social platforms. 

These are some of the best features of Google Drive that may be useful for you if you use Google Drive to store your data online. 

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