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Who Am I?

I am Rabi Ranjan Yadav, the owner and the author of this website. You can consider me as a part-time blogger and a full-time student who is currently studying Bachelors’s in Information Technology in Russia. I am from the land of Gautam Buddha and Mt. Everest-Nepal. Talking about my interests, the three things that grab my attention the most are FILMS, CRICKET, and TECHNOLOGY.

About The Ranjan’s Blogging

The Ranjan’s Blogging is a website where you will find blog posts on technical, computer, and internet-related topics. Initially, when I had started this website, I used to write on many other things. But later when I began to learn things about blogging, I decided to write blogs on the computer and technology-related topics.

On The Ranjan’s Blog, my main priority is to write blog posts on different computer and technology-related topics like apps, websites, software, cloud storage, social media, etc. I also like to share different types of tips and tricks related to computers.

I have started blogging because of my interest in writing and the interest in field of computers & technology. Till now, I haven’t started considering myself as a professional blogger. I still find myself on the way to learning so many things about blogging. Even though I am not a pro blogger, my main focus is still to write and provide quality based content on this website.

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