Andy Serkis: The Powerhouse Of Talent

Andy Serkis: The Powerhouse Of Talent
After reading the title of this article, you must have known that this article is all about one of the most (if not the most) talented men working in Hollywood. There are several ways of showing talents on the screen and this man has shown his talents in a totally different way on the screen. 

Even blessed with great talent and even being appreciated by the audiences from time-to-time, Andy Serkis still hasn’t got the name and fame he truly deserves. We have seen there are so many actors in the world who are quite popular and famous in the world only for their looks. Such actors and actresses are nothing in front of Andy Serkis. 
Andy Serkis
Hollywood, the film industry which is considered the biggest film industry in the world and where every talent gets what he deserves. And I agree with this too. But I don’t know where the things have gone wrong for Andy Serkis. It may be because, in this tinsel town of human vanity, people and audiences also go for those actors who used to be in the limelight.

Even you have heard this name, you may not have an idea about the talent of this guy Andy Serkis. If you haven’t even heard his name, then you must have watched a guy with this face in some Hollywood movie. It is almost impossible to recognize this man on the screen. 
Andy Serkis
Well, I think you must have recognized a little bit from his some roles in the movies. Okay, if you still don’t have any idea about this guy, then let me help you in recognizing him. 

I hope many of you follow and watch the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you do so, then you must have remembered one character named Ulysses Klaue from the movies Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Black Panther. The same character who had given Vibranium to the Ultron. 
Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis In Age Of Ultron
I think now you must have recognized Andy Serkis. If still, you can’t remember him from Age Of Ultron, then you will obviously recognize him from Black Panther. 
Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis In Black Panther
Now moving forward!!!
This is just one of the very small but impressive performances by him in his career. There are so many characters he has played in his entire career till now. But the irony is many people still don’t know about him. We are gonna talk about him more onward. 

What Makes Andy Serkis The Most Talented Guy In Hollywood?

So now, after knowing him a little bit and having some ideas about some of his characters, you may wonder what is so special about him so that I am telling him the most talented guy in Hollywood. 

So now, let’s discuss this!!!

The answer would have easy about you if you have known this talent in the real sense. The things that made him the most talented actor working in Hollywood is the way of his acting which is unmatchable. We have great actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and many others. And I totally agree they are the best actors in Hollywood. I myself is one of the biggest fans of Leonardo DiCaprio and he will always be my favorite. But what I think is Andy Serkis also has the same amount of talent as these actors have. All these actors as I have talked above are great in themselves in terms of acting. Every character that these actors have played proves how talented these actors are. 

Now coming to Andy Serkis.!!!

The thing that makes the actions of acting of Andy Serkis very different from the rest of the actors in the way of performances. Most of the characters played by other actors are human characters. They show and reflect the different shades of human behavior either it is the role of antagonist or protagonists. 

And there is Mr. Andy Serkis who has shown his acting ability with non-human characters in which there is no behavior like humans either it is a way of walking or way of talking. Yes, I am talking about motion-capture performances. He has done unbelievable acting by wearing motion-capture gears on his body. He is the exact definition of motion-capture performance and synonym of talent. And these below mentioned points prove this.

King Of Motion-Capture Performance

Let’s know about the characters that he has played. After that, you will automatically know, why he is the most talented guy. Just look at all these characters. 
1. Gollum in The Lord Of The Ring Series and The Hobbit Series
Andy Serkis
2. King Kong in 2005’s King Kong Movie
Andy Serkis
3. Spike In Flushed Away
Andy Serkis
4. Charles In Animals United
Andy Serkis
5. The most iconic Caeser in the Planet Of The Apes Trilogy
Andy Serkis
6. Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars Franchise
Andy Serkis
7. Baloo in Mowgli: The Legend Of Jungle
Andy Serkis
8. Captain Haddock and Sir Francis Haddock in The Adventure Of Tintin film
Andy Serkis
These all are the characters that Andy Serkis has played with the help of motion-capture with very ease. He completely shaped himself in the characters he played either it is any animal or alien or other not human-like beings. 

It’s hard to believe that all these characters are performed by one guy in real, isn’t it?

Many of us think that CGI characters are all computer-generated and all the actions performed by them are done with the help of CGI. We think that the actors only give their voices to the characters. If you also think so, then you are wrong. 

Actors do give their voices but to the animated characters. Motion-capture is a different thing. The motion capture is the same kind of performance as the normal performances. To be quite honest, motion capture is difficult than the normal performance, In motion capture, you have to perform by wearing and putting a lot of equipment and gears on your body and have to perform by visualizing the environment around the characters. The actors in a motion capture suit have to perform by taking the references only of other characters and the surrounding around them. 
Andy Serkis In Mo-Cap Suit
Serkis in mo-cap suit
And Andy Serkis is the most talented guy in this category. There have been so many CGI characters that have been performed by real actors, but none can have ever come closer to Andy Serkis. If there could have Oscar in this category of motion-capture, then he would have won that for his every performance. The way he completed shaped himself into the characters he played is unbelievable and unimaginable. It became very hard for audiences to realize the character they are seeing on screen is played by a real actor. 

Though his all works as motion-capture acting is unbelievable, his most praiseworthy work is in Planet Of The Ape trilogy in which he made us believe that the intelligent Ape named Caeser which can speak like human language is real.
Andy Serkis
Just look at his eyes
There are many CGI generated characters in many movies of Hollywood. Such characters were used in movies in the past and are still used in the present. For example, the character of Thanos. It is also a fully CGI character performed by motion-capture. 
Andy Serkis
But almost every such character doesn’t look so realistic as the character of Caeser in Planet Of The Apes. This is the most realistic CG character in movie history. The way Caeser talks, the way Caeser walks, the way he interacts, and everything related to this character is real, and not even for a single moment we doubled on this character. 
Andy Serkis In Mo-Cap Suit
Watch this video of him and see how he seamlessly transformed himself into the character of Caeser!
Isn’t this super cool? 

Now, let me show you some more behind the scenes of what he is more famous.

It’s all started from here. Andy Serkis and his iconic character of Gollum is irreplaceable. After all, this performance by Andy Serkis that made him visible in the eye of the audiences. 
Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis as Gollum

Later he also becomes the evil villain in the Star Wars Universe. He provided the motion capture performance and did voice acting for the character Supreme Leader Snoke in 3 of the Star Wars films. 
Andy Serkis As Snoke
Supreme Leader Snoke

We all must have remembered the movie King Kong of 2005 that many of us have enjoyed a lot in our childhood and many of us might have thought that there is a real King Kong in the movie. Well, he is the man whom we had seen as a big King Kong on the screen. Every action Kong had done in the movie is performed by this guy. In that movie, without saying a single word, he had said a lot with his expressions. 
Andy Serkis As King Kong
Serkis In Mo-Cap Suit On The Set Of King Kong
Andy Serkis As King Kong
Serkis on Kong mode
He has been a bear also once. In the movie Mowgli: The Legend Of Jungle, Serkis did the facial motion-capture and gave voice to the character Baloo
Andy Serkis As Baloo
Serkis as Baloo in Mowgli: The Legend Of Jungle
He hasn’t only done motion-capture for the CGI characters, he has done this even for an animated character in an animated film. He was Captain Haddock in Steven Spielberg‘s directorial film The Adventure Of Tintin
Andy Serkis In The Adventure Of TinTin
Serkis on the set of The Adventure Of Tintin

Best In The Voice Acting

Besides motion-capture, the voice modulation of him according to the characters is also so seamless as his performance. If you have watched The Lord Of Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit Series, you must have loved the character of Gollum and his voice. Andy Serkis himself give voices to all the characters he played by motion-capture. 

Watch these other two videos where he imitates the voice of Gollum with such ease. I bet you will fall in love with this guy more now after watching this video.
His rage of talents not only stops here. Apart from giving his voice to the numerous characters in movies, he has also given his voices to several characters in the video games. 

A Brilliant Actor

Whoever has heard his name before, most of them might know him for his motion-capture acting and voice acting. And thinking such is obvious because he is widely popular for these two. 
Andy Serkis
Serkis as another character in King Kong
But many don’t know, a great actor can perform any kind of role. And the name of Andy Serkis will always on top of the list of such actors. 

Even without motion-capture suits, he can perform and act so brilliantly as other actors. He has acted in so many films and TV series. In these movies and TV shows, he has acted with his real face. 
Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis In A Christman Carol
He is also going to play the role of the sidekick of Batman Alfred Pennyworth in the upcoming movie Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson in the lead which is being directed by Matt Reeves

He Knows The Direction As Well

This man is undoubtedly a multi-talented. His talent is not limited to acting, motion-capture action, and voice acting. He sometimes holds the director’s chair too. 

He has previously served as a unit director in The Hobbit movies too. He made his directing debut with the film Breathe in 2017. 
Andy Serkis
Serkis on the set of Breathe
After that, he directed the movie Mowgli: The Legend Of Jungle. He directed this film in the way he is better known for. He shot this film with the technique of facial motion-capture in which the performances of the faces of actors were shot. 
Andy Serkis
During the shoot of Mowgli: The Legend Of Jungle
He hasn’t directed many films yet. Till now, there are only these two movies that he has directed. The next directorial venture of him is the sequel to one of the popular superhero film Venom. Yes, he is the man who is going to direct the second part of Venom which is titled as Venom: Let There Be Carnage
These all the things that make Andy Serkis The Powerhouse Of Talent. 
Now, I think you don’t have any doubt about why this man is a multitalented guy in filmmaking. There is none like this man in Hollywood. The other actors get popular and appreciation by doing human characters and there is this man who has become popular by doing non-human characters. And I think this is more difficult for an actor to do such roles. For such roles, the actors completely have to change everything. They have to talk and behave like the characters that are completely different than humans. They have to change their tone of talking and way of interacting with others while expressing feelings sometimes even without talking.

And these are the reasons that Andy Serkis is the most talented actor in Hollywood. He is the man who needs more and more appreciations and recognition. I wish someday he will get recognition in the Oscars for his immense talent. 


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