Best Download Manager Tool For Windows[2021]

One of the things that most computer users search for is the best download manager tool. It’s because there are many pieces of stuff that we need to download on the regular basis on our PCs.

Many of you must be already using such download manager tools on your PC. If you are the one who is still searching for the names of some download manager tools, then this blog post might help you.

What Is Download Manager Tool?

Download Manager Tools are the program or app that is used to manage and download data like videos, software, images, and other things that are available on the internet. A download manager may be in-built into a web browser or stand-alone tool.

Like other software or apps, Download Managers are also available in three categories. All the download managers available on the internet comes under these three categories of software. The categories are:

  • Freeware: These are the type of software that are completely provided free by the company or developer to the users.
  • Shareware: Shareware is a type of software that is distribiuted or provided free to the users on a trial basis, but a user can upgrade it by paying.
  • Malware: It is a software that is created to cause some sort of harmness to the computer devices.

Why We Need Download Manager Software For PC?

The obvious reason for this question is to manage all the downloads on our PC. But do we really think this might be the only reason? There are in-built download managers in the web browser, though we want some download manager software for managing downloads.

If we download any files from the browser, there is a default download manager in the browser. But these download managers have several drawbacks and issues that cause many problems in downloading even a small file.  

When we try to download something from our browser and either if our computer gets shut down or the internet connection is gone, then the downloading gets interrupted and the link gets broken.

And in that case, we have to download it from the beginning once again. Even the downloading speed of the files without download manager tools is quite slow for a single and small file.

So, even for this purpose to accelerate the speed of the downloading, we need the download manager tools in our computers and laptops. And there are plenty of such download manager tools available on the internet. These tools appear to be so useful for us if we keep downloading some stuff from the internet on a regular basis.

Top 5 Best Download Manager Tools For Windows

There are literally a number of download manager tools available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. But in this blog post, I am going to pick the 5 best download manager tools for Windows specifically. All the download manager tools that are mentioned are completely free to use for Windows. Some of these also support YouTube Video Downloader features.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager also known as FDM is a quite powerful download manager tool to organize our downloads with very good acceleration. It is one of the best (probably the best) download managers available on the internet. FDM has become a very popular download manager tool in a short period of time.

Features Of Free Download Manager

Some of the best features of these downloading tools are: 

  • First, this is the fastest, safest, and have good downloading efficiency.
  • It supports the download of HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and Torrent files very efficiently.
  • It also has the support of Proxy.
  • The download can be scheduled as we will.
  • It adjusts the traffic limits automatically during downloading.
  • Broken download files can be resumed easily without starting the download from the start.
  • At last, this is very safe and is completely free.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager has always been the first choice of many Windows users as a default download manager. It’s because IDM stands as the most popular download manager for a long time. It is a type of shareware software owned by an American company Tonec, Inc. It is an awesome tool that will let you manage, resume, and schedule downloads at the downloading speed 5 times.

Features Of Internet Download Manager

Some of the best features of IDM are:

  • It supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, audio and video content processing.
  • It has comprehensive error recovery and resume capability to restart broken or interrupted downloads due to the lost connections, network problems, shutdown of computer, or power outages.
  • It’s simple graphic user interface makes it user friendly and easy to use.
  • It includes some features like multilingual support, zip preview, download categories etc.
  • It seamlessly integrates with almost every web browser on Windows like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Avast Browser etc.


EagleGet is a freeware internet download manager for Windows PCs. The program’s interface is visually appealing yet simple. It lets you keep track of downloads, irrespective of the source location or destination folder. The software functions as an accelerator, speeding up downloads from the web. In addition to this, it’s a full-fledged multimedia manager to keep everything on your system organized.

Features Of EagleGet

The features of EagleGet are:

  • It automatically updates the expired URLs.
  • You will have multiple means to get the information about downloads. You can choose “Silent Mode” to temprorary turn off the download notifications.
  • It helps to maximize the productivity without putting too much load on the system resources.
  • It provides varies of customization options. You can change the background, image, color, and other parameters.
  • It runs smoothly with web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and others.


uGet is visually stunning and one of the best download manager tools for Windows. It can change its appearance according to the operating system it is running on. It allows you to classify downloads and allows you to import downloads from HTML files. Every category has an independent configuration that can be inherited by each download in that category.

Features Of uGet

Some of the highlighting features of uGet Download Manager are:

  • Supports multi-connection downloads.
  • Can intergrated easily with browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera etc.
  • Can seamlessly pausa and resume downloads.
  • Supports Quite Mode and Night Mode.
  • And have other features like Clipboard Monitor, Keyboard Shortcuts, Folder Auto-Creation, etc.

J Downloader

J Downloader is an open-source and shareware download manager. It allows the automatic download of groups of files from different sites on the internet. This download manager became very popular within a year of its initial release in 2009 and became one of the most visited websites and ranked among the 50 most downloaded applications.

Features Of J Downloader

The features of J Downloader that you need to know are:

  • It can download multiple files simultaneously.
  • It can automatically solve some CAPTCHAs with its own OCR Module.
  • It includes more than 300 plugins for many services.
  • It can automatically acquire a new IP address to save waiting time with hosts which limit downloads to one address.
  • It can also decrypt RSDF, CCF and DLC Container files.

These are my picks of some best download manager tools for free. I hope you find this article useful and interesting. If you have any queries, advice, or suggestion about this article, then let me know in the comment box.

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