Best Way To Earn Online In Nepal

Are you the one who wants to earn and make money by working online and without spending much time? Or are you among those who want this but aren’t finding the proper platform for this?
Earn Online In Nepal
If you are really one of such guys who want to earn online in Nepal, then this article will surely gonna help you in making the decision whether to work online or not. This article is for them who really want to work and earn online in Nepal without spending much time. 

Make Money Online In Nepal From 100$ To 1000$ Per Month

Making money online in Nepal is quite difficult than other countries because of the lack of enough good digital platforms that can help you and give you opportunities to work online. There are very few such platforms in Nepal. But most of these platforms are only Nepal based. There is very few multinational or international digital platform in Nepal, and most of the Nepalese don’t even know about this. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about the best multinational platform in the context of Nepal that you can join and earn from 100$-1000$ per month by working at home. You can do this even without any experience and basic knowledge about it. You only need to have is Internet and Laptops or smartphones, and have the knowledge of using social media

Well, you can work and earn online in Nepal by joining a digital program provided on a platform named “Easy1Up”. Some of you may have heard about this. Even you have heard about this and haven’t joined this platform yet, I hope after reading this article, you will definitely do it.   

What is Easy1Up???

Easy1Up is a networking-based digital marketing platform that will provide you both training and working opportunity at the same time. Easy1Up is founded by an American entrepreneur Peter Wolfing. He is also the CEO of this digital company. 

As I have said to you earlier, you don’t need to have even a basic knowledge of digital marketing, but you must have the passion of joining digital marketing. It is an online platform for earning as well as training in digital marketing. 

There are 6 packages or you can also say it training courses that Easy1Up will provide you with different prices starting from 25$ to 2500$. It will be your one-time investment. After that, you don’t have to invest. These courses will teach you everything that you want to know about digital and affiliate marketing at affordable costs. There is training according to the packages you will buy from the basic level to the advanced level. 

Once you buy a package, your training will be unlocked and following that training, you will get every basic knowledge about digital marketing and learn how to apply those training in real life to earn and make money. 

If you have a question like during the training period, Can I make money or not? The answer is yes, you can earn from the very beginning of joining the program. You can upgrade your package if you want to upgrade it. With the upgrade in the package, you will get advanced level training.

The Packages:

This package consists of the course fee and the admin fee. The course fee is given to the sponsor as the 100% commission and the Admin fee belongs to the company. By taking only the admin fee, the company will provide you all the services, give you training, maintain your account, and help you in earning more and more. 

1. Elevation

Starting Fee($30)=Course Fee($25)+Admin Fee($5)

2. Elevation Elite

Starting Fee($110)=Course Fee($100)+Admin Fee($10)

3. Vertex

Starting Fee($275)=Course Fee($250)+Admin Fee($25)

4. Vertex Elite

Starting Fee($550)=Course Fee($500)+Admin Fee($50)

5. Vertex Pro

Starting Fee($1100)=Course Fee($1000)+Admin Fee($100)

6. Vertex Live

Starting Fee($2500)=Course Fee($2000)+Admin Fee($500)
If you want to join this program, it’s up to you to choose one of these packages. Most of the Nepalese start from either Elevation or Elevation Elite, and later upgrade it later to Vertex or Vertex Elite. I personally suggest you start from Elevation($30) or Elevation Elite($110) if you are a beginner. 

How Does It Work And How Can You Earn From It Just After Joining The Program?

Since this is the advanced 21st century, most percentages of the world population are on the internet. This has made digital marketing so successful all over the world due to the high traffics on the internet. 

Now, the question is I have joined the program or I am willing to join it after spending money on it, but How will I earn the money from it? And you also may think that how Easy1Up works?

The answer is as simple as the Easy1Up. 

Instantly after joining the Easy1Up by purchasing one of the packages you refer this to one of your friends and he/she buys the package from your link, then you will get the instant 100% commissions of that sale. For example, someone buys the Elevation package($30) from your link, then you will get $25 direct into your hand as 100% commission of the sale. The other $5 is the admin fee that the company owns. This is the pattern for the rest of the packages. You don’t have to wait for weeks and months for your payment. You will be paid as quickly as the package got sold out from your link.

One thing I want to clear you here. If you have the package of Elevation or Elevation Elite that costs $30 and $110, then only you will get the 100% commission on the sales up to these packages. I mean you won’t get any commission if someone buys the package upper than Elevation or Elevation Elite.

About Starting Fee

This is the point where most of you may have any doubt or you may also have been hesitating after knowing that you have to pay to join this. 

It is said that without spending something, you can’t get instant success. Success will never come to you until you invest in something.


Well, there are very few opportunities in the world where you may earn and start something without investing any penny. Otherwise, almost to start anything or even to learn something, you have to pay good amounts. For example, we all have been paying to our schools and colleges for education, and even to start a new business we have to invest something in that. This is also like the same. At Easy1Up you will get both education and job at the same time at an affordable price.
This is a one-time investment of your life that will obviously help you to grow and earn a really good and handsome amount of money even if you always give only 2 to 3 hours of your day. Most of us spend this amount of time on social media by scrolling and reacting to the things that aren’t going to help you in the future. But if you wisely use this 2 to 3 hours of your day on Social media, you can make money online using Easy1Up by promoting it on your feed and stories on a regular basis.

About The Payment

As I have said earlier, the starting fee consists of two fees; course fee and admin fee. Admin Fee is the amount that you are going to pay to the admin of Easy1Up to join the program if you are a client or customer. And once you pay the admin fee, you will be able to join the Easy1Up, but hold on. Your account isn’t activated by only paying the admin fee. Your package won’t be unlocked till you pay the commission of your sponsor which is the course fee of the package. 
Your account of Easy1Up will be only activated by your sponsor once you paid him, and he will mark you’re paid in his/her dashboard. So, the ways of paying your sponsor depend on the payment method of your sponsor. For that, you have to contact your sponsor and ask them how you can pay him/her so that they will activate your account and guide you in selling the packages. If your sponsor is Nepali and you are also Nepali, then payments are done by either bank deposit, digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, or using remittance services like IME or Western Union. And if your sponsor is a foreigner, then you can pay them by Western Union
The same payment method will also work for you if you become a sponsor and sell your package to the other customer. If your customer is Nepalese, then you will get your commission by any method you want. And if your customer is a foreigner, then you can also be paid by either bank deposit or by Western Union or other remittance services. 

My Final Words On This

Even after knowing almost everything about how you can work and earn money by joining Easy1Up, still, most of you must be thinking, I am going to invest my money in this and I also haven’t any knowledge on digital marketing, then how can I succeed and earn money. And you must also be thinking what if I won’t get any customer or clients?? And if I won’t get any customers, my investment will go in vain. So if you think so, it will be a kind of risk for you. 
And yes. there is a risk too in this. Though I myself is a member of Easy1Up, I am saying this. But I also want to say, is there something in which you don’t feel risk? There is a bit of risk in everything either you start a small business or big business. 
If you are desperately willing to work online and make a good amount of money by working either full time or part-time, then you should definitely join this program. You won’t regret joining this. Even you won’t be able to make more money, you will have a good knowledge of digital marketing that you can use and implement in other platforms, or can start your own digital marketing with that knowledge.
We have been living in the Nepalese society, and we don’t want to spend such amount of money like $30 or $110 or more. 
Being a sponsor, I will suggest you start from $30 if you think there is a risk in this. This is the amount we spent on many unwanted things. So, it won’t make your frustrated or disappointed if in case, you won’t be able to make a sale for a few months. But if you start with $110 with thinking about the risks, then it may make you disappointed and you will begin to feel frustrated if there won’t be any sale for you. 
The decision of either to join it or not is all yours after reading and knowing about Easy1Up. If you still have any questions or doubts regarding this or want to know more about this, then click below and send me a message to my Facebook Messenger
If you directly want to join the program of Easy1Up, then click the below join button. 

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