Ways To Watch Nepali Movies Online For Free

How To Watch Nepali Movies Online For Free

In today’s world of the internet, you can easily find any movies to watch for free on the internet. You can watch the movies whatever you want to see on the internet.

Best Ways To Watch Nepali Movies Online For Free

The movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, South Korean, Indian Regional Movies and so many other movies are available on the internet and can be easily found to watch online and download. There are a number of websites for such movies. 

Besides websites, there are many online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc where you can watch the movies of Bollywood and Hollywood easily.

But when you talk about Nepali films and movies, it is very hard to find them on the internet to watch and download the movies. It may be due to the lack of relevant Nepali websites to provide these films to watch online or to download. 

Personally, I also don’t have any idea about the websites from where you can watch the Nepali movies for free. There are a few platforms like IFLIX where you can watch Nepali films. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about the best ways by which you can watch Nepali movies online for free. 

Here, I am going to tell you the two best ways to watch Nepali films online. 

Watch The Nepali Movies Via YOUTUBE

Almost every one of you must have known this way of watching Nepali films online. Youtube is the platform where you can find the content of different kinds including the contents of entertainment. Youtube has become one of the best sources of entertainment. 

That’s why almost the trailer and songs of almost every film industries whether Bollywood, Hollywood, SouthIndians, Korean, etc are uploaded and released. 

Youtube is the best platform for the film industry like Nepali Film Industry for films to release digitally. Apart from Youtube, Nepal doesn’t have any other good digital platform to provide movies online. Neither there are such websites where Nepali films can be easily found. 

So Youtube is the easiest way to watch Nepali movies online for free. 

Some of the best Youtube Channels where Nepali films are uploaded and released digitally:

Watch Nepali Movies Via MX PLAYER

Yes, you can watch the Nepali films from MX Player. This is the way that many of you mustn’t have heard of. As we all know, MX Player is one of the most popular video player app available on the play store. Especially, MX Player can be found in many of the phones of Nepali peoples. 

There was no such feature in MX Player by which you can watch the movie online on MX Player. But now with the new updates in MX Player, you can watch many movies and web series online in MX Player. Nepali movies can also be found here. 

Steps To Watch Nepali Movies By MX Player:
  • Open the MX Player app
  • Go To The Videos Menu shown at the bottom of the app
  • Go To The Movies Section
  • In The Movies Section, you will see the categories of many movies. There you will find the category of Nepali films too named as Cinema Of Nepal. 
  • After selecting the Cinema Of Nepal, you will see the lists of many Nepali movies there.
One of the best features of this is that you can also download the movies offline from there to watch it later. 

These are the two best ways to watch Nepali movies online for free. Many of you must have known these ways but this article is for those who don’t have any idea about watching Nepali movies online. 

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