Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces: Which One Is Best

Audio-chat platforms are gaining massive popularity for a couple of months. And in the race of this, there are currently two big names Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. That’s why Clubhouse App Vs Twitter Spaces has become a hot topic among internet users.

The Clubhouse is a new social media based on voice and audio where people around the world come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time.

To counter this new social media, Twitter also launches the same things by adding a new feature to their app. They launched Twitter Spaces which is basically the same thing as Clubhouse.

So, in this blog post, I am going to make a detailed comparison of Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces.

What Are Clubhouses And Twitter Spaces?

Before comparing the features of these two live audio-chat platforms, let’s have a quick glance at some basic information about these two.

Clubhouse: Clubhouse is a new name on the list of social media platforms on the internet. Unlike other social media apps or websites, Clubhouse is an audio-based platform where people around the world can come together in the same room where they can talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time. This is an app where someone can host a live audio chat and invite others to participate.

what is clubhouse

The app was first released by Paul Davison and Roshan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. in March 2020 to iOS users. And the beta version was released for Android users on May 2021. Within a year of its release, it has gained massive popularity. With more than 15 Million users within a year, it is giving tough competition to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc.

Twitter Spaces: Twitter Spaces is the new feature added to the Twitter app that will allow their users to have a live audio chat, discussions, conversations, etc. Using this feature, Twitter users can join, listen, and talk to each other in a single created room. A user can host a Space and send the link via Direct message or tweeting the link or sending the link elsewhere to other users to join a Space.

what is twitter spaces

Twitter began testing this feature in November 2020 with a limited number of users. On May 3, 2021, they began rolling out this feature on Android and iOS devices globally. The user has more than 600 followers can use this feature of Twitter.

Clubhouse App Vs Twitter Spaces: Difference In Features

pic of clubhouse app vs twitter spaces

The Clubhouse is a very new social media platform, and Twitter Spaces is also a new feature added to Twitter. That’s why they still are working on their platforms to improve. There will be many features and updates will be available in the coming days. For now, let’s compare these two on the basis of the available features of the two.


Clubhouse: It is a mobile application that is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can find it available on Google Play Store as well as on Apple Store. Clubhouse is only available in the mobile app version so far. It is not available as a web version or as a desktop app till now. Maybe in the coming days, they will extend their reach and will make this platform available on computer devices too either as a web version or as an app.

Twitter Spaces: Though Twitter is available on mobile devices and computer devices, Twitter Spaces is only available on mobile devices-both Android and iOS. You can’t find Twitter Spaces on the web version and desktop app. Twitter may also roll out updates to make it available on computer devices in the coming days.

Joining In Process

Clubhouse: Clubhouse is an invite-only platform. It means you can join Clubhouse only if an existing user sends you an invite to join a room. Even if you download an app of Clubhouse, and make a new account after signing up, you won’t be able to open the app. Your username will be reserved only in that case. They will text you when anyone of the person in your contact list is already an existing user that can let you in.

Twitter Spaces: To join a Twitter Spaces, all you need are a Twitter account with more than 600 followers. If you have more than 600 followers on Twitter, then you can either create your own Spaces or can join any other Spaces. Since all the Spaces are public the same as tweets, they can be joined by anyone. Anyone except those you’ve blocked can join and listen to your Spaces. And in the same you, you can also join and listen to anyone’s Spaces that appear on the top of your timeline, near the Twitter Fleets.

Clubs And Spaces

Clubhouse: In Clubhouse, you can create a Club to discuss any particular topic consist of founders, members, and followers. For example, if you have more interest in Football, so you can create a Club, where you can invite others to join it to talk specifically about Football related things. Only a user who has hosted at least 3 rooms is eligible for creating Club. And also, each user can create only one Club. You can make Club private or public. Members of a club must be added by one of the founders of the club. You can search for Clubs in the Explore option and can follow them to be notified when the public room within Club is created.

Twitter Spaces:

In Twitter Spaces, you can’t make a type of group or special Space like Clubs in Clubhouse. Users can only host Spaces where they can invite 10 users to speak, and others to listen. Users can only host or schedule Spaces and invite them to join them via tweets or DMs or by sending links through any medium in the Spaces. They can’t create any specific Spaces where they can add founders and members, and others can follow that Spaces.


Clubhouse: Clubhouse gives you the option of creating both public and private rooms for conversation. Though this app records audio in the virtual rooms for the purpose of supporting incident investigations. When a discussion is reported of violating Clubhouse’s rules, the audio of the associated room will be reviewed by the staff. In the absence of a report, the room’s recording is automatically deleted when the session ends. Clubhouse does not explicitly explain the review process.

Twitter Spaces: All the Spaces on Twitter are public. It means anyone on Twitter except those whom you have blocked can join and listen to the Spaces. In this case, there are chances that someone may make the recordings of the conversation and used them against any illegal acts. If Twitter Spaces also gives the option of creating both public and private Spaces, then it will be quite good for the users.


Clubhouse: There is no method of monetization for the creators of Clubhouse till now. But it is reported that Clubhouse is working on their first monetization feature called Clubhouse Payment. They are still testing this feature. Using this feature users can directly send money to the creators using Send Money button. This feature will be to help and support the content creators on Clubhouse.

Twitter Spaces: Twitter has recently launched another feature called Ticketed Spaces to monetize Twitter Spaces. It is a way by which a creator can sell an online ticket for their Spaces, and can earn up to 97% of the revenue after selling the tickets. Twitter has launched this feature to support and help the content creators on Twitter Spaces for their effort.

So, these are the differences in the features that can be found in Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces. Since these two are still in the beta version, there are many features that are been still testing by the respective platforms for enhancing better experiences for the users.

Comparison Between Clubhouse App Vs Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse AppTwitter Spaces
There are three roles of users-listeners, speakers, and moderators in Clubhouse.The users have two roles in Twitter Spaces-Speaker and Listener.
Users can join Clubhouse only if they get an invitation from an existing user.Anyone on Twitter having more than 600 followers can join or host Spaces in Twitter Spaces.
Clubhouse doesn’t support captions during speaking.Twitter Spaces allows enabling captions of conversations.
The audio quality is a bit lower.The audio quality is better than Clubhouse.
There is no limit to speakers while there can be a maximum of 5000 listeners in Clubhouse at a time.Only 10 users can speak at a time while there is no limit to listeners.
There is the option to create both private and public Clubs.In Twitter Spaces, all the Spaces are public, and anyone on Twitter can join and listen.
Clubhouse is working on their monetization feature called Clubhouse Payment where users will be able to send money to the creators.Users can monetize Twitter Spaces using the feature Ticketed Spaces where they can sell tickets for Spaces and earn revenue.
Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces

Final Thought

Well, these two are still in a beta version where they are still testing many features. There will be many changes in these features on the basis of which we made this comparison of Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces. It will be interesting to see what more they will bring to their users.

By analyzing the features of both of these, I will go for Twitter Spaces for now because it’s very easy to connect with others on Twitter. While on Clubhouse, we will have to wait until an existing user sends us an invitation to join the room. Though there are numbers of similarities between these two now, We can expect these to have a lot of differences in the coming days.

So, this is my comparison of Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces on the basis of their available features. You can try each of them, and if you are using any of them, then let me know which one are you using and also give your opinion in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Clubhouse App vs Twitter Spaces.

1.Is Twitter Spaces Like Clubhouse?

Yes, Twitter Spaces is very much the same as Clubhouse. Both of these are live audio-chat platforms where you can create a Space or Room and can start conversations with other users.

2.How Do You Get More Spaces On Twitter?

Twitter Spaces has no limit. An unlimited number of users can join the same Space. If you start or host any Spaces, then anyone on Twitter can join it and listen to your Spaces.

3.Where Are The Spaces On Twitter?

Spaces are on the top of the Home Page where Twitter Fleets are available.

4.How To Start Twitter Spaces?

To start Twitter Spaces on the mobile device, the first thing you need is you must have 600 or more followers on Twitter. If you have 600 or more followers, then follow these steps:
-Open Twitter App
-Press Compose Tweet icon
-You will see four options-Spaces, Photos, Gif, and Tweet
-Choose Spaces, then Give a name to your Space
-After giving the name, either Start it instantly or schedule it for later

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