How To Enable Dark Mode On Quora?

Quora now support dark mode on their app as well as on the web. You can now enable dark mode on Quora.

I assume many of you must have been using Quora. There are several good reasons to use Quora over other social media platforms.

If you are using Quora, then by now, you must have known that Quora now support dark mode features on their web version as well as the mobile version.

Now a question might have occurred to you how to enable dark mode on Quora? So the answer is in this article. All you have to stay on this page till the end. 

Enabling or activating the dark mode in Quora isn’t a lengthy process. It is quite an easier process on both computers and mobile devices.

Quora dark mode is available on the web version as well as on the mobile version. So you can enable Dark mode on computers as well as on mobile devices.

Enable Dark Mode In Quora On Computer Devices

As you know, Quora is available in the web version on computers and laptops. We don’t have to download any applications to use Quora.

We can open Quora on any of the browsers on our computer and enable Quora dark mode without installing any extensions on the browser.

Now let me tell you how you can enable Quora Dark Mode. The process isn’t long and it won’t take you more time. Don’t worry you don’t have to download any chrome extensions to enable dark mode in Quora.

  • Open Quora In Your Favourite Browser On Your Computer and On The Home Page Of Quora Click On Your Profile Section
  • After Clicking On Profile Section, You Will See Many Dropdown Options Including Dark Mode Option Just Above The Setting Option
  • Select Dark Mode Option. After Clicking It, A New Dialog Box Will Appear Where You Can Enable Dark Mode In Quora. You will see Three Options: Light, Dark, and Auto. Choose Either Dark or Auto To Enable Dark Mode In Quora On Your Computer

This is how you can enable or activate dark mode in Quora on your computers without installing any chrome extensions.

Enable Dark Mode On Quora On Mobile Devices

It is very easy to enable Quora dark mode on mobile phones, either they are android or IOS. Many of you must have already enabled it on your phones. 

To enable dark mode on Quora, follow these easy and simple steps:

  • Open Quora App and Go to the profile section on the top corner of the Home Page and press it
  • On your profile section, you will see the Setting option at the bottom, press the Setting option
  • After opening Setting, you will see the Dark Mode option at the bottom. Now simply, enable the Dark Mode option by pressing it.

These are the ways to enable dark mode on quora on both computer and mobile devices. As you can see it’s not a big process to do so. We can easily turn on dark mode on quora with a few easy steps.


I hope now you will be able to enable Quora dark mode on your computer devices as well as on your mobile devices. You don’t need to install any extensions or third-party applications to enable Quora dark mode on computers and mobile devices now.


Is there a dark mode for quora?

Yes, there is a dark mode for Quora. Dark mode on Quora is available on both web version and mobile app versions.

How do I enable dark mode on quora?

You can enable dark mode on Quora enabling the Dark Mode option in the setting of Quora on both mobile and web versions.

is dark mode good for the eyes?

Yes, Dark Mode is good for the eyes. Dark mode protects eyes from the lights coming from the screen of computers or mobile devices.

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