Everything You Should Know About Cloud Storage

Whenever we come to store our data, we either talk about our Hard Disk(HDD), Solid Slate Drives(SSD) or pen drives, or any other types of data storing devices. And this is the easiest way and the genuine way to store our data like files, documents, photos, and videos.

But as we know with the time technology keeps upgrading and so the system of storing data is upgrading with the time. This way of storing data in storage devices has become a traditional way of storing data. 

This traditional way of storing data has many problems and drawbacks too. There are chances of such drives being corrupted and if such happens, we lose all the important data that is stored in them.

Even if we go to some other places and want to take our data with us then we can’t take our whole computer system or laptops with us all the time. We can take our data on either hard drives or pen drives with us to other places where there is a work of it, but what happens these drives unlucky get lost.

We will lose our all important data and if we haven’t any backup of these data, the problem will become large. 

To solve all these problems, and not let ourselves fall into such situations, we have the service of a cloud storage system. Many of us already have known about cloud storage and must have been using this system of storing data. 

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is a system of storing and transmitting data on a remote storage system known as a cloud where we can store, manage, make a back-up, and share our data at any place with anyone we want with the help of our computer and mobile devices by using the internet.

It is a system in which there are many companies that have made their own data storing system where we can store our data by paying them some amount of money. 

In other words, cloud storage is a platform that allows the user to upload, store, and manage the data online.

How Does Cloud Storage Service Works?

There are many companies like Google and Microsoft and others that provides user the free cloud storage service for uploading and storing their data. Google Drive by Google and OneDrive by Microsoft are also cloud storage services provided by these respective companies to their users.

Google Drive offers its users 15 Gigabytes of free cloud storage and Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 5 Gigabytes of free cloud storage. And if you use storage more than these limitations we have to pay some money monthly to these companies.

These are just two examples. There are other many such companies that provide cloud data storing services. 

These companies made massive sets of data centers in many places to provide online cloud storage services to users around the world.

Once we move any of our files to these cloud servers it is copied across multiple data servers thus our data are stored as multiple copies at the different data center locations for easy and safe access. That’s We can directly access these data at any time across multiple devices. 

This is how cloud storage services work and let us upload. store and manage our data in the cloud.

Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage

If there will be no benefits in using the cloud storage provided by other companies, then we mustn’t use this. But this is not the case for cloud storage services.

We can be benefited from using cloud storage services in many ways. Let’s talk about the benefits of using a cloud storage service.

Easy To Use And Access

It’s quite easy to use and handle cloud storage. Unlike physical storage devices, we don’t have to carry this with us.

We can easily upload data like documents, photos, and videos to our cloud and can access them wherever we want with a few steps and an internet connection.

More Secure And Reliable

Storing data in the cloud is the best, reliable, and secure way to store our data than the traditional one. Since these data are far from physical contact, there is no chance of losing them. 

There are multiple servers in which our data are copied so that even if one gets damaged, the other server will have your data. This makes cloud storage more reliable to use. 

Besides this, cloud storage service provides us several ways to protect our data. We can set passwords, PINs, or even biometric security to protect our data. Even any kind of hardware failure won’t let our data lose and it also offers us to back up our data. 

Automatic Back-Up Of Data

One of the best features of cloud storage is that you don’t have to upload and backup the data of your device one by one.

In cloud storage technology, we can simply choose what we want to back, and when we want to back up, the rest will be automatically done by the cloud. 

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization features of cloud storage let us syn our data of all the devices that we use like computers, laptops, and smartphones.

With this feature, we don’t have to transfer the files from one device to another. We can simply get access to the files of any device that is syn with the cloud storage and use it on another device. 

Easy To Share With Others

The biggest benefit of this service is we have to no longer carry our computer systems or laptops or any pen drives to take our data from one place to another.

We can get access to our data at any place simply by logging into our accounts provided by a particular company. We can then easily use, download, or even share these data with our friends or co-workers, or others.

Cheaper To Use

It reduces the need for buying and managing expensive data storage infrastructures. We don’t need to buy expensive and additional hard drives. Instead, e can purchase more storage space in cloud storage by paying extra money. 

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