Microsoft’s OneDrive: Everything You Should Know About It

In the last few years, cloud storage services have been very popular among users as they have been providing free storage to the users to store their files in the cloud with lots of additional features. There are many such cloud storage services available nowadays, and each has its own unique features. But people always want to go for the best. And when companies like Microsoft and Google provide you such services then you don’t think too much about using them. 

In this article, we are going to discuss Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive. OneDrive has many practical tools and sometimes it makes it users quite difficult to use the features. After reading this article, you will find it very easy in using OneDrive as an expert.  

You are going to know each detail about how to save and organize your digital files and data, share them, and collaborate with others. You will find OneDrive is very easy to use after this.

How To Install OneDrive On Your PC?

Let’s start from the very beginning with how to install OneDrive on your PCs. 

Go to the browser on your PC that you use mostly and type there After you head to the website, create a new account there or sign in with your existing Microsoft account.

If you are a Windows 10 user, then you will have OneDrive preinstalled on your PC. You only have to sign in there with your Microsoft account to use it. You can have it on your mobile devices either it is android or IOS. The same method is used to install OneDrive on them.

Uploading Files And Data On OneDrive

Now, you have installed OneDrive on your device. So now how to use it. OneDrive offers you the storage of 5GB for free to upload and store files and data. 

If you are wondering how do we move our files from the computer to OneDrive? Then you have some options to do this. 

Either you can drag single or multiple files to OneDrive or directly upload them from the computer. After uploading them, you can organize them in a folder in OneDrive.

How You Can Share Your Documents With Others?

If you want to share your files and documents with others from OneDrive, then there are few ways to do it. 

You can do it either by using a share button, create a file link, sending an email, or using social media.

Using the Share Button

  • Select the file
  • Type The Email Address Of Person You Want To Share
  • Add A Message To Let The Reciever What It Is About
  • And Then Send It

Creating A File Link

  • Select A File
  • Click On The Share Button
  • Click On Copy Link Icon
  • Copy The Link and Paste It On Platform You Want To Share

Using Social Media

  • Double Click On The File To Open It
  • Click On The Share Button
  • Click On More
  • Select Social Media You Prefer Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Or LinkedIn.

This feature works with only images and PDF files.

Collaborating With Others

The benefit of collaborating is it allows us to work on your documents simultaneously with your co-workers. Whatever you or your co-worker edit in the document will be visible in a few seconds. You will be able to see the changes in real-time. You can also post comments and review feedback. 

Personal Vault

Personal Vault is a feature given by Microsoft’s OneDrive that provides you an extra layer of security for your personal and sensitive files and data. It is a protected area in OneDrive that can be accessed only with a strong authentication method or the second step of identity verification such as fingerprints, face verification, PIN, code, or via email or SMS.

Advantage Of Personal Vault:

  • Easy To Use
  • Additional Storage
  • Can Be Directly Uploaded Into Vault
  • Extra Protection Of Files
  • Automatically Locking After 10-15 Minutes Of Inactivity

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