Everything That You Should Know About Pi Network

Recently in the last few months, there is one thing that has been becoming very popular among internet users in many countries, and that is Pi Network

You also may have seen many of your friends on social media like Facebook or Twitter saying you to download this app Pi Network, and you will start earning from this. 

Well is that so, can you make money by only installing an app called “Pi Network” on your mobile device? Keep reading this article you will know about this and many more things related to Pi Network.  

Even if you haven’t heard anything about this Pi Network, this article will be very useful for you. 

Pi Network

So, in this article, you will be going to know what actually is Pi Network? and what actually it does? Is this safe to install on your mobile devices? and how does Pi Network will make you earn money only by installing it on your smartphones? 

I will be trying to tell you every basic thing about Pi Network in a simple and easy way that you need to know.

What Is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a mobile application that is available on both Android and IOS that allows users to earn cryptocurrency from their mobile devices. It is a new and the first platform to earn cryptocurrency developed by a group of Stanford PhDs holders that will offer you to mine the digital currency known as cryptocurrency on your mobile device. 
The Core Team Who Developed Pi Network
For this, all you have to do is download the app and get started mining! It’s a super-easy way to invest in cryptocurrency and doesn’t require much effort. Each day just hops on the app and click a button and you’re all set mining away at Pi. 

There is currently no way to invest in shares but more options will hopefully become available as the app gains more popularity. You can refer friends to mine at a higher rate and ultimately get more pi/hour. This is a very safe investment to make and potentially make a huge income format if it gets to the market.

Normally, when you start mining, it will be mining at the rate of 0.25pi/hr. But when you refer this to your friends with your invitation code, then it will be increased according to the members that you have added.

Is It Safe To Install On Your Mobile Devices?

You must be thinking that is it safe to install an app like this which keeps running in the background all the time? 

The answer is-it is fully safe to install on your mobile devices. There are many apps that keep running in the background and it keeps draining your battery performances that also affect the performance of your device. But Pi Network is not like other mobile apps that will affect the performance of your battery and phone by running in the background.

Since this app is easily available on both Playstore and AppStore, it hasn’t received any complaints from the user regarding the security of their phones yet, so you can believe that Pi Network is quite safe to install. As with other applications on Playstore, Pi Network doesn’t ask for different permissions on your phone. The only thing it asks is the phone number or your Facebook ID while signing up.

Is It Worth-Mining In Pi Network?

Look one thing that you should know is this is not for instant earning. Like you install it today, and you want to make cryptocurrency and start earning millions in the next few days or months, then this article isn’t for you. You can skip this.

There is no value of the coins that you will collect by mining in it, but in the future, it will have values the same as the bitcoins. You can go and search for what is the current value of 1 bitcoin. It was also free and has no value when it started, but now it’s something unimaginable. 

Though it doesn’t have any value yet, its concept is really very nice for the nearest future. Since this is the very first platform that is helping you mining digital currency like cryptocurrency on your mobile device, then there is a maximum chance that it will have value in the future and will help you to exchange your cryptocurrency with real currency. 

As the developers of Pi Network has already said that new users won’t be able to mine after Pi Network cross 10 Million users. And within 1 year, it has already crossed more than 7 Million users. So it will be quite good for you to join Pi Network and start mining the digital coin as soon as possible. It won’t be asking you to invest something, it will take only 10-20 seconds of your daily life. So why not install this app on your device and start mining cryptocurrency that might help you make some really good money in the nearest future.

Is Pi Network Any Kind Of Scam?

This is the first question that always came to our mind when we heard such kind of kinds of stuff.

If you are asking yourself that Is Pi Network a scam, then I will suggest you not to ask this to yourself.


It has been more than a year and none has complained anything about this. The developers of Pi Network timely and often come to their social media platform and talk about Pi Network and other things related to this. They seem very reliable. Even their social media profiles have been verified in such a small time. It means they aren’t doing any kind of scam on these platforms, otherwise, their accounts wouldn’t have been verified so quick.

How To Mine And Install The App?

To install and start mining and earning Pi coins, follow these steps:
-Open Your PlayStore or AppStore On Your Mobile Device And Search “Pi Network”
-Install The App From There
-Sign Up By Using Either Your Facebook Account Or Phone Number According To Your Country
-Fill The Your Name And Username
-Enter Your Referal Code And You Are Done
[Note: Without using any referral code, you can’t join this Pi Network, you can use my referral code “yadavrranjan777” or your friends who have joined it.
-Click The thunderbolt (⚡) Button To Start The Mining Pi
Now you have installed the Pi Network and have started mining. All you have to do is open the app once every 24 hours and click the thunder (⚡) button to start mining.

My Final Thoughts On Pi Network

Even if you hadn’t any idea about Pi Network, you must have known everything about this by now. 

One thing is not sure and I even can’t say that this will surely help you make money in the future. We can’t predict the future. 

But as you know now, this app “Pi Network” isn’t neither any scam or harmful for you and your device, then why not try installing this if there is a chance of making money in the future only by installing an app and giving 10-20 seconds of every day of your life. We spent hours and hours doing nothing on Social Media, and Pi Network will gonna take only a small fraction of time from your daily life.

Install The Pi Network On Your Device And Start Mining As Soon As Possible!!!

Also, Share Your Views On Pi Network In The Comment Box Or Let Me Know If There Are Any Queries About Pi Network. 

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