Google Drive vs OneDrive: A Ultimate Comparison[2021]

Google Drive vs OneDrive-This is undoubtedly the biggest comparison between any two cloud storage services that are available for us. When it comes to choosing between these two storage services, many got confused about which one to use. Both of these are the cloud services provided by the two biggest companies Google and Microsoft respectively.  

If you are still confused about choosing one among these two Google Drive and OneDrive to store your data online, then stick to the end of this article. After reading this article completely, I hope you will find it easy in choosing which one might be the best cloud storage service for you.

Importance Of Cloud Stage Services

Before comparing Google Drive and OneDrive, let’s have a quick look at why cloud storage services are so important for us to store our data online. 

Cloud Storage has given us a new level of convenience in our daily lives. There is nothing quite like the ability to sync our data across multiple devices and access them easily according to your demand. The best thing about cloud storage is everyone can use cloud storage as all the major cloud storage providing companies allow them to create free accounts.

Since there are many such cloud storage providers available nowadays, the question arises of which is the best. There are basically four major providers that are quite popular. These are Google Drive, OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, and Dropbox.

Everything About Microsoft’s OneDrive

Comparison Between Google Drive And OneDrive: Google Drive VS OneDrive

Some years ago, it used to be a solid comparison between these two, but nowadays both Google Drive and OneDrive come in different categories. So, It might have a bit difficult for you to choose whom would you like to handle your important data and files.

Both companies Google and Microsoft are the most popular and reputed companies in the technology field and users believed these companies much more than others. So, both services Google Drive and OneDrive are best in themselves. 

Google Drive is a safe cloud storage and synchronization service developed by Google that allows users to store personal data and files on their servers and allows them to sync and share the files across all the devices that support Google services. Google Drive was developed and launched by Google in the year 2012. 

OneDrive is also a safe and personal cloud storage and synchronization service developed by Microsoft to allows the users to store data and files and also allow them to share and sync the data and files across all devices. It was the first time launched by Microsoft in the year 2007 in the name of SkyDrive.

Comparison Between Google Drive And Microsoft’s OneDrive On The Basis Of Features

The very first thing that I want to make clear before you read further this article. In this article, I won’t say which one is the best between these two. Both of these are the best in themselves according to the needs of the users. 

So let’s compare the basic features of both of these google drive and one drive. So that you can decide by yourself which one is good according to the features you want. 

Interface Of Both Drives

Let’s start the comparison between these two from their interfaces.

When you talk about storing data and files, this factor doesn’t affect you more. Though the interface of drives can make a difference for some users. The interface of both drives is quite simple and user-friendly. So, it’s not so difficult to run any of these two. 

Although, uploading files in Google Drive seems a bit easier than in OneDrive. It’s because the uploading button in Google Drive is directly available on Home.

Availability On Devices

Talking about the availabilities of both drives on different devices, both Google Drive and OneDrive are available on mobile devices either it is android or iOS in the form of applications. 

Both of these are available on Windows and Mac PCs but in different forms. OneDrive is available on Windows and Mac PCs as software. But Google Drive is a bit different than this. There isn’t an official software of Google Drive for Windows and Mac PC that you can download and install like OneDrive. 

 But this doesn’t mean Google Drive isn’t available on PC. You can install Google Drive on your PC as Progressive Web App, also known as PWA that works with your browser. You will find the same interface and features as you will find on the web version of Google Drive.

Storage Capacity

This is the factor that will matters most if you want to use cloud storage devices for uploading personal files and data like photos, videos, and documents. 

Google Drive offers you 15 Gigabytes of cloud storage for free to upload files and data including all your Gmail, files, photos, and videos. Besides this, Google Drive provides you space for Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and so on. 

OneDrive offers you 5 Gigabytes of cloud storage to upload files and data including photos and videos which is not enough nowadays. It’s because OneDrive is basically for work stuff. It works with Microsoft Office apps and helps you to share and save files at any time you want. 

So, you can choose one of these according to the storage you want. Personally, I will go with Google Drive in this case too.  

Video Player

There are many instances when we want to upload our video files to the drive. Since you can upload a video in drives then you can surely play that video in the default video player of the drive. 

Let’s check which one is best for playing video files. 

Personally, I will go with Google Drive in this case because the video player of Google Drive will give you the same interface as a Youtube video player which is quite fast and responsive either you play the video online or offline.  

On the other hand, the video player of OneDrive seems a bit slow in comparison to Google Drive and also takes a lot of time to stream the videos before playing.

Storing Personal Files

If you are uploading personal files on the internet either it is cloud storage, you always have concerned with security in mind. 

In this case, OneDrive will perform way better than Google Drive if you have some personal files. OneDrive will provide you a tool called the personal vault where you can save all your personal files with ease. A personal Vault is a place where you have an extra layer of security for your sensitive files and photos.

It can only be accessed by the two-step verification procedure and will automatically lock after 10 or 10 minutes of inactivity. These features aren’t in Google Drive.

Uploading Large Files

There are many large-size files that you want to upload to the cloud storage. So in that case, Google Drive will be undoubtedly the best choice for you. 

Google Drive lets users upload a file up to 5 TB in size whereas OneDrive lets users upload a file up to 100GB only. So, you can’t upload a file to OneDrive if it is more than 100GB. 

Third-Party Apps

The productivity potential of Google Drive is way more than we realize. This is a feature that many of you might don’t know. 

Google allows users to connect third-party apps with Google Drive. You can add many third-party apps to your drive according to your need and purpose. These third-party apps enhance the features of the Google Drive interface and allow users to perform several productivity works.

OneDrive doesn’t support any kind of such as third-party apps integration and users aren’t allowed to connect with other third-party applications.

Pricing For Upgrade

The last comparison we gonna do is Google Drive vs OneDrive pricing.

Pricing is the key difference in both of these drives. The price depends upon the features and storage provided by the drives. 

Pricing For OneDrive:

You have to upgrade your OneDrive to either OneDrive For Home or OneDrive For Business if you need more storage as per your need. For that, you can choose different premium plans.

Click Here to know the plans in detail. 

Pricing For Google Drive:

If you want more storage in Google Drive then you have to upgrade it to Google One. 

Google Drive offers you 100 GB of storage for $2 per month, 200GB for $3 per month, and 2000GB(2TB) for $10 per month. 

Click Here to know the plans in detail.


Now the question is which one is best among them? Which one you should choose between Google Drive vs OneDrive?

The answer to such questions depends on you now after knowing all the pros and cons of both Google Drive and OneDrive. 

Both of these storage services have their own different features that can be beneficial for you. You can choose any one of these or even both of these cloud services to store your data online.

Though I use both of these cloud services to save my data online, personally I prefer Microsoft’s OneDrive a bit more than Google Drive.

Let me know your opinion on Google Drive vs OneDrive in the comment box. And also if you have any queries related to this article, then ask me in the comment box. If you find this article useful, then simply share this.

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