How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

We love watching Hollywood movies, right! And if you are from South-Asian countries like India, Pakistan, or Nepal, then most of you prefer watching these movies in the Hindi dubbed version. But we can’t find every Hollywood movie in Hindi even if those movies are dubbed in the Hindi language. 

There are many websites where we can easily get Hollywood movies in English. Keep reading this article, you will learn how you can add the Hindi and even other tracks in English movies with a simple tool and few steps. 

You can find every Hollywood movie in Hindi dubbed or you can convert every English movie in Hindi. You can only find the movies in Hindi or other languages only if it is dubbed in that language. 

So don’t think you can add a Hindi audio track or another to every English movie after reading this article. You can only add multiple audio tracks to those movies that are dubbed in other languages except its original English track. 

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?
There are many websites where you can find Hollywood movies in dual or multiple languages. But here I am telling you about how can you add other languages to any movies if that movie is dubbed in other languages.

Before adding the audios to the movies, the things that you should know is you will need three things for this process:

  • Software Tool
  • Movie That You Want To Convert Into Multiple Languages
  • Audio Files Of The Movie Like Hindi Audio File If You Want To ADD the Hindi Language

You are gonna further know where you can get all these three things. 
There are many websites from where you can download movies in High Quality in English languages. And there are also many websites from where you can find the audios files of languages you want to add in the movie.

Websites To Download Hollywood Movies In High Quality

These are the best websites where you can get Hollywood movies in excellent 720p, 1080p, and even in2160p 4K qualities. If you know some other websites, then you can use them. 

To use these websites, copy the URL from below and paste it to your browser, and get your movies from these websites.  


Websites To Download Audios Files For Hollywood Movies

Now you must be thinking that even after downloading Hollywood movies in the original English language, how can now I download the different audio tracks of the movies? 

For example, if you want to add the Hindi language to a movie, then how can you get the Hindi audio for the movie? You must be wondering!

Don’t worry, there are some best websites available on the internet from where you can download the audio files for Hollywood movies.

  • HDHAT:
These are some of the websites from where you can download both movies in high qualities and audios files for the movies. Downloading files from these websites are quite easier and simple too. 

Now you have downloaded both movies and audios files for the movie. The next thing is to add those audios files in the movies.

How To Add Audio Tracks To The Movies?

To add additional audios files to the movies, you need to download a tool that I have mentioned above. There is a software called MKVToolNix. It is a tool that allows you to add and remove audios files and SRT files from videos or movies in an easy and simple way.

Download MKVToolNix From Here

You must have downloaded MKVToolNix from the above link. Now, I am going to show you step by step how to add audios files in the movies to make them dual of multiple audios movies. 

STEP 1: Open MKVToolNix software after installation

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

STEP 2: Add The Files

You have to add the movies and the audio files. You can add multiple audios files at once but of only one movie. You have to add the movie and audio file one by one by clicking on ADD SOURCE FILES

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

  For example, I am adding the Hindi audio file of the Hollywood movie Ford V Ferrari

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

As you can see, I have added the movie Ford V Ferrari from my PC. Now I have to add the audio file of the movie that I have downloaded for this movie. 

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

Now, I have successfully added both the movie and the audio file of the movie. And so you will if you follow these steps. Once you do this, it will be easier for you for other next times. 

As I have said earlier too, if you want to add more audios files of other languages of the movie, you can do that too by following the same process of Add Source Files. You can also change the names of the track of the movies. 

STEP 3: Start The Process And Wait For Some Minutes 

Once you have added the files to the MKVToolNix, your job is almost done now. The last thing you have to do is to start the process by clicking on the button START MULTIPLEXING

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

After starting the process, you only have to wait for the process to finish. You can also see the progress of the process at the bottom corner. 

How To Add Dual Audio In Movies?

When the progress will reach 100%, your task is complete and your movie has now multiple audios. 

This is the way by which you can easily add audio tracks of many Hollywood movies to make them dual audio movies or multiple audios movies from your laptops and PCs.

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