How To Register And Buy A Domain Name In Nepal

Are you searching for buying a good domain for your website in Nepal??? 

If yes, then I am going to help you in buying the best domain available in Nepal. 

Having your own domain isn’t so difficult in Nepal. Having a custom domain not only helps in the SEO of the website but also makes it look quite professional. There are many advantages of having a custom domain for a website.

One of the big advantages of having your own domain name is that your website will be recognized by Google very soon and it helps a lot in the ranking of websites and in getting approval for Google Adsense. Even if you want Google Adsense approval for your website, it is not easy to get approval without having a good custom domain name for your website. 

Buy And Register A Good Custom Domain At Cheap Price In Nepal

There are so many web hosting companies in the world that can provide you both domain and host like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and so on. But in Nepal, it is quite difficult to buy a custom domain name from GoDaddy or Bluehost. 

So many people think it is hard to find a good web hosting company in Nepal to buy a domain name. But in reality, it is not too hard to buy a custom domain in Nepal too. It is quite easy to buy a domain here in Nepal. 

There are so many good web hosting companies in Nepal which provide the best domain and hosting facilities at an affordable price. In comparison to other countries, buying a domain name is a bit costly here in Nepal.

Though there are many companies in Nepal from where you can buy a good domain, here I am going to tell you about one of the best domain provider company and I am also going to guide you on how to buy a custom domain for your website. 

The company from where you can buy a domain at the cheapest price in comparison to other companies is AGM WEB HOSTING.


AGM WEB HOSTING is a web hosting provider company of Nepal that provides a very good facility to register your own domain at a cheap price. It is one of the biggest web hosting companies in Nepal. It basically provides the best hosting features at a very affordable price than other web hosting companies. 

I have also bought my domain from this web hosting company about a week ago from publishing this article. Before buying a domain for my website, I visit so many different web hosting companies but I couldn’t find the domain at an affordable price. After going through some researches, I found AGM Web Hosting. What I found here was the domain of my choice at a very good price that I afforded easily at that time. 

How To Register A Domain In AGM WEB HOSTING?

Here, I am going to tell you how to buy a good domain from AGM step by step. Follow these steps to proceed:

After clicking the above link, the official page of AGM will appear.

  • SIGN UP And Search For The Domain You Want

After signing up the search for the domain you want for your website. It’s all up to you which domain you want. For example, here I am searching the domain for Nepal Marketing. You also have to do the same. Search for the domain you want. After the search, the window like below will appear.

As you see the domain I wanted is available. Sometimes, it may show you that the domain you wanted isn’t available now. In this case, either you wait and try after a few minutes or check other domains.

  • Add Your Order To Cart

Once, you find your desired domain, click on ADD TO CART button. 

  • Checkout Your Order

After clicking on the button of Add To Cart, you have to check out your order. So, now click on the CHECKOUT button.

  • Review And Confirm Your Domain Name Selection

Here, you have to give a bit of attention. From this page, you can add additional features for your domain like DNS Management, ID Protection, and Email-Forwarding. DNS Management is given free with your domain. But if you want the other two options to be attached to your domain, you have to pay extra money for each option as mentioned there. You can also add Hosting from this page. And for hosting too, you have to pay extra money.

It’s all your complete choice according to the need of your domain whether you should buy these or not. Here I am choosing DNS Management. 

After choosing your options, you have to again click on CONTINUE for the further process. 

  • Checkout Your Oder

After clicking on the CONTINUE button, you have almost completed the confirmation of the order of your domain. Now you have to check out your confirmation by clicking on the CHECKOUT button. 

  • Choose Your Payment Method

After checking out your order, the last thing you have to do is to pay for your order. You can pay by three methods: 

  1. E-Sewa
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer

You can choose any method you want. You can choose the method which will be easy for you. Here, I have used E-Sewa as my payment method. After choosing your payment method, complete your order by clicking on the COMPLETE ORDER button. Once you pay for your order, you will receive a receipt from AGM Web Hosting.

Now, Congrats!!! You Have Your Own Custom Domain For Your Website…

Now, You have your own domain for your website. If you have any problem with buying a domain with this process, leave a comment, or just contact me by sending me a mail or message me on my social media accounts.  

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