How To Record Screen In Windows 11 Easily

We need to record our computer screen for various reasons. Sometimes we need it to create a tutorial for someone, while sometimes we need it to capture gameplay, while sometimes we need to record our screen for our professional works.

In simple language, there are many instances where we need to record the screen of our computer and laptop. If you are a Windows user like Windows 10 and Windows 11, then it is very easier to capture and record every action of the computer or laptop screen.

There are many ways to record screens in Windows 11 the same as Windows 10. If you have installed the latest version of Windows 11 on your computer, or have upgraded your Windows 10 to Windows 11, then you need to know how to record the screen on Windows 11.

Screen Recording Option in windows 11

I have mentioned earlier, there are many ways to record screens on Windows computers. We can use third-party apps or software, and different online tools to record screens in Windows 11. But I am not going to tell either of these ways.

Same as Windows 10, there is a default screen recording feature. You don’t have to download and install any additional screen recorder. This feature comes as a part of the Gaming feature in Windows 10/Windows 11 to let the users capture and record the best gaming actions.

But although this feature comes with Gaming, you can use this to record any screen of the computer running on Windows 11 or Windows 10. Those who know how to record screens in Windows 10 probably be knowing how to do the same thing in Windows 11.

How To Record Screen In Windows 11

It is very easy to record screens in Windows 11. With few easy clicks, your screen will start to record. Here are the steps of recording screen in Windows 11 PC:

Before you start recording your screen, you need to make sure Xbox Game Bar is enabled or not. To see it, Open Settings>Gaming>Xbox Gaming Bar. If it is not enabled, then turn on the enable option.

Step 1: To record the screen, the first thing you need to do is Press Windows+G on your keyboard. After pressing it, several widgets will pop up on your screen. There will be many options with the widgets like capturing screenshots, record the screen for the last 30 seconds, start recording and turn on the mic during recordings.

how to record screen in windows 11

You will have shortcut keys for these options too. Along with these options, there will be more options like Xbox account, widget menu, audio, capture, performance, enable click-through, and settings.

Step 2: Now click the Camera icon to take a screenshot or click the Start Recording icon to start the recording of your screen. You can directly start recording by pressing Windows+Alt+G.

how to record screen in windows 11

On the right corner of your computer screen, you will see your screen has been started recording. You can stop the recording or turn on/off the mic from there.

Important Settings Of Screen Recording In Windows 11

There are some settings that you need to understand regarding the screen recording in Windows 11.

To open these settings, navigate to Settings>Gaming>Captures

All the available settings come under three sections-Captures Location, Recording Preferences, and Related Settings.

1. Captures Location

From here, you can open, see, and change the folder where screenshots and recordings are saved.

2.Recording Preferences

There are multiples options in this section. As its name, all the options are related to recording.

Record What Happened:

how to record screen in windows 11

By enabling this option, you will be able to record the screen activity in gaming and other applications. From here, you can set the time for Record The Last. It allows you to record from the last 15 seconds to the last 10 minutes of the screen. You can also turn on/off the recording while the PC isn’t plugged in and while it is projecting wirelessly.

Max Recording Lenght:

how to record screen in windows 11

From here, you can set the recording duration length. The minimum length of recording is 30 minutes while the maximum is 4 hours. You can set it up as per your need.

Capture Audio When Recording:

This will allow you to turn on/off the audio capturing while recording the screen. Along with this, you can also adjust audio recording quality, microphone recording volume, and system recording volume.

Video Frame Rate:

how to record screen in windows 11

This will allow you to set the frame rate of the video of the screen recording. You can set the frame rate to either 30fps or 60fps.

Video Quality:

Video Quality allows you to set the quality of video recording to either Standard or High.

Capture Mouse Cursor:

You can turn on/off the mouse cursor while recording the screen.

3.Related Setting

Related Setting includes Graphics Setting that allows you to find an app and choose custom graphic setting for it.

Final Opinion

I hope you like this guidepost on how to record screen in Windows 11. Gaming Bar is the best option to record screen in Windows 11 without installing other third-party screen recorders. If you find this article, share it and if you have any queries, suggestions, or advice then let me know in the comments.

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