How To Zip A File In Windows?

Still, most computer users don’t know much about how to zip a file in computers? Even there are many who doesn’t know what is a zip file and how important is to zip a file on the computers? 

If you are one of these people who doesn’t know even a bit about zip files, then this article is for you.

After reading this article completely you will definitely know many things about zip files and their importance.  

Even if you don’t know more about zip files, you might have heard or seen zip files. You may have noticed while downloading some files and documents from the internet, sometimes those files and documents are in zip files.

What Is Zipping A File?

Zipping a file is the process of compressing a set of files and folders into a single archive folder to save storage on the devices. The files that are compressed and zipped in a single archive is known as Zip file. 

You may have downloaded some software or applications or any kind of documents in the format of the ZIP file from the internet and may have wonder why these files are kept as a ZIP file.

Well, the answer is they are compressed and made in a ZIP format to reduce their size and to keep all the related documents in a single archive file so that they can be shared with someone easily and can be transferred in less time. 

Why Do You Need To Zip A File? 

Now though you know what is zipping a file, you might have a question of why do I need to zip a file? In short, what are the advantages of zipping a file?

The advantage of compressing and zipping a file is not only limited to reducing its size and saving the storage of your devices. There are still many other benefits of creating a ZIP file.

Let’s talk now about why do you need to do it with its benefits in detail!!!

Save Storage 

Of course, the first advantage is that it allows you to save the storage space of your device. There are many instances where there are a bunch of documents that you don’t want to use very soon and want to keep them separate for a while. In that case, you can simply create a ZIP file and store them in an archive.

Easy To Transfer And Share Files

This is the best advantage of creating a ZIP file.  Many times we have to share or transfer our files like photos and videos and other many documents with our friends or co-workers and it will be quite easier to send or transfer them all in a single file by zipping them instead of sending one by one. 

Zipping a file helps quite a lot when we send some documents through email to others. First of all, creating a ZIP file will organize all the files you want to send in a single folder, and another advantage is it will compress the size of the documents. As you know there is a limitation of size in almost every email service, and we can’t send a file larger than a limit. So zipping a file will help us to send the file through email by compressing its size. 

Compressed or zipped files can be transferred from one device either is a computer or mobile device in less time than uncompressed files. 

How To Zip A File In Windows?

It is quite easy to create a zip file or folder if you are a Windows user. You don’t need to download any additional software to create or open a ZIP file if your laptop or PC runs on Windows. 

There are many simple methods to zip a file or folder in windows. I will be going to tell you about the three simple methods to create a zip file in windows. 

  • Using the Send To menu
  • Using the Ribbon menu
  • Using the existing ZIP folder

Now let’s talk about these three steps one by one.

Using Send To Menu

You can create a ZIP file by using the Send To menu that you mostly use to send files from one location to another in different storage and media drives. 

Step 1: Select the files you want to zip. You can select single or multiple files. The files can be your documents, photos, or videos anything

how to zip a file

Step 2: After selecting the files you want to zip, press the right button of your mouse and select the Send To menu

how to zip a file

Step 3: Once you select the Send To menu, choose the Compressed(zipped) Folder option

Step 4: Press Enter and you are done

how to zip a file

This the first method by which you can ZIP a file or folder on your computer with a few simple steps.

Using The Ribbon Menu

This is also nearly the same process as the first one. You can create a ZIP file by using the Ribbon Menu which is the topmost bar of the window screen. 

Step 1: Select single or multiple files or folders from your device that you want to compress and create a zip folder

Step 2: Choose the Share menu from the Ribbon of the widow of your File Explorer

Step 3: Select the ZIP option once you click on the Share menu

how to zip a file

Step 4: Press Enter And Your ZIP folder will be ready

Using The Existing ZIP Folder

You can use to existing ZIP folder to move or compress another file or folder. You don’t have to create a new ZIP folder if you already have the existing one. You can do this simply by selecting all the files you want to compress and drag them to the ZIP folder you have already on your device.

how to zip a file

These are the three easiest ways to create a zip file in windows. The process of zipping may depend on the sizes of your files. It takes only a few seconds to zip a folder if the files are documents having a small size. 

But the same process will take some minutes if you are compressing the files of larger size like the files and folders of photos and videos.  And some files are already highly compressed. So if you compressed such files and zip them into a folder, then the total size of the zip folder will be the same as its original size. 

How Do I Zip A File To Email It?

If you want to zip a file on your computer and want to send it through email to someone, then follow these easy steps. To zip a file and send it to someone through email, you don’t need to zip it with the help of any special process.

You can do that with any one of above mentioned three methods. Though let’s talk here about zipping a file using the Send-To menu. 

  1. Open the drive or folder on your computer where your file is stored that you want to zip and mail.
  2. Select the files or folders that you want to zip.  
  3. Right-Click on them and select the Send-To menu
  4. From the dropdown menu, click on the Compressed(zipped) Folder option
  5. Now, give a name to your zip folder and press the Enter button to zip your files or folders

Your zip file is now ready to be sent through email to someone. Now open your Gmail inbox, compose a new mail, and attached this zip file to your mail to send it through email. 

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How To Open A Zip File?

If you use Windows 10, then it is so easy to open a zip file using Windows 10. To open a zip file in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Zip file you want to open
  2. Right-click the zip file
  3. After clicking the Right button, select the Extract All option to open the Zip file.


I hope now you get to know how to zip a file in windows computers and laptops easily. The three ways that I have mentioned above in this article are literally the best and easy ways to zip any file on computers.

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