Story Of The Ranjan's Blog

Let me first tell me about myself who is the owner and author of this blog website. My name is Rabi Ranjan Yadav, and I have kept the name of this website "The Ranjan's Blog" after my name. Honestly speaking, I have started this website on Blogger to learn something about Blogging after knowing that there is a word called BLOG where you can express your views and knowledge by writing. Since I have been loving writing since my school days, and I also wanted to do something online, I found blogging best for me. And with the purpose of both learning both "Blogging" and following my passion for "Writing", I started "The Ranjan's Blog" on a free platform Blogger.  

Initially, I had no idea about  Blogger and blogging except knowing that you can write articles related to anything here and show to the world. I began to learn gradually about blogging from the internet and kept applying that knowledge on this website either it is buying a domain for the website or other SEO related things. With time, I came to know that Blogging isn't only about writing and publishing articles on any topics you want. There are a lot more things in Blogging that I had not known by then. Even knowing there is a high competition in this field now, my interest keeps increasing for blogging, and I decided to learn everything about blogging first, and that's why I didn't give much attention to writing quality content. I used to write whatever I can write within a few hours and used to publish it, even knowing this won't work. This is the reason that you can find mixed content on this website. As I have delated many old posts of mine to make this website quite clean. 

Later when I have had the knowledge that I thought was enough for me to start a new blog, and I exactly did the same. I started the new blog where hopefully everything is going quite good for me as a new blogger. And then I had nothing to do with this website because neither there are good contents on this nor there is any good traffic on this, and I decided to delete this permanently so that I could give my full focus to that. 

But before deleting this, suddenly I thought why not send this for AdSense approval to check if everything is right with this website or not, though I had no expectation that I will get the Adsense approval for this website. But luckily I got the approval of Google AdSense within very few days. And that's how this website revive once again even I had completely decided to delete this. And now when I get Adsense approval, and even knowing there is no traffic on this website by now, I have decided to continue with this website along with my other website. This is the story of The Ranjan's Blog till now. So now let me tell you what you can exactly get here to read on The Ranjan's Blog. 

What Is The Ranjan's Blog About?

The Ranjan's Blog is a personal blog website that isn't based on any particular niche. The Ranjan's Blog will provide you the articles and blogs on different topics mainly related to the articles on technology-related topics like Apps, Websites, Softwares, Cloud Storage, Social Media, and sports. With all these, you will get one of the best tips and tricks methods and tutorials regarding these above topics which can help you in your daily life.

Besides these, you will get to know about the unknown facts related to some international personalities from different fields through their biographies. Since this is the new beginning of this website, I will share my experience of blogging on this website and will show you how you can also start your own blog and follow your passion for writing. Maybe in the future, I will begin to write articles on new topics and categories. But for now, The Ranjan's Blog will provide you the best article and blogs on Apps, Websites, Cloud Storage, Softwares, Social Media, Online Earning, Sports, International Personalities, and other topics related to the internet with useful tips and tricks on these topics.  

I will always try to write something that you will be useful for you

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