I am Rabi Ranjan Yadav, the owner, and author of this site. I am not a professional blogger yet but want to be a professional blogger in the future. Currently, I am studying BSc.IT in the Kathmandu, Nepal. I have always been fond of writing articles and blogs. Writing blogs and articles isn't my profession. I do this because of my interest and I really love to do this. Each and every article and blog are written by me. They aren't inspired or copied from anywhere. Whatever, I will publish on this site will be based on my personal views and ideas. 

The Ranjan's Blog is the website where you will find articles and blogs on several topics like movies, crickets, social media, technical things, and other many things. The intention of this website will never be to harm the feelings of any individual or group. This is created to share knowledge not to hurt the feelings of others.

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