How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers | 7 Effective Ways

Although Facebook has been always improving its security, there remain loopholes and bugs that let scammers and hackers use to get access to many Facebook accounts. Privacy and security have become the major concern for Facebook users.

Sometimes we hear that the Facebook account of some of ours friends got hacked. In such cases, we also become very concerned about our Facebook account. Questions like how to secure Facebook account from hackers come to our mind.

In many ways, the privacy and security of our Facebook account are in our own hands. The only thing we have to do is to follow some effective tips and ways to ensure the security of our Facebook account.

7 Ways On How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

In this blog post, I am going to tell you the 7 effective ways to secure Facebook accounts from hacking. If you will keep these things in your mind while using Facebook, then you can secure your Facebook account from hackers and scammers.

1.Don’t Open Any Link That Asks For Username And Password Of Your Account

This is the way by which most scammers and hackers are using nowadays to know someone’s Facebook username and password. And this is also the way by which most Facebook users lost access to their accounts.

Many of you must be getting messages from your friends with some links attached. These are the links to different so-called interesting offers that grab the attention of many users. How often do you get such messages from your friends on Facebook Messenger?

Once we open these links, they ask us for the username and password of our account for further proceeding, and when we give our username and password there, then details of our Facebook account including username and password are collected to the scammers and hackers who have circulated this link. In this way, our Facebook accounts get hacked.

So even if someone sends you the link of some articles or any other thing, open it but if begin you to type your username and password for further proceeding, then avoid the link to open, and also inform your friend who has forwarded or send that link to you.

2.Use Login Alerts And Two-Factor Authentication

Sometimes, our friends or someone wants to get access to our Facebook account by trying to crack our password. They try to guess some possible password, and sometimes they succeed in cracking passwords too. And in this case, either they will change your password or get every information and misuse them against you.

Sometimes, someone close to you might be able to know the password of your Facebook by any chance.

So to secure a Facebook account from hacking, you can use login alerts and two-factor authentication features of Facebook. These are the features that add extra security to your Facebook account.

Even if someone will try to open your Facebook, you will get alerts from Facebook that someone is trying to logging your account if you enable the login alerts feature.

Set two-factor authentication, so that even someone gets to know the password of your Facebook, they won’t be able to open your Facebook unless you give them OTP that will be sent to your email or mobile number.

3.Stay Away From Fake Websites

I don’t know how many of you have noticed this thing on Facebook. Personally, I have noticed this thing many times while scrolling on Facebook. Scammers and hackers make websites look-alike Facebook and Messenger and run ads of those websites on Facebook.

Since these websites are running on ads, users may think they are official websites. Mainly these are the websites that tell there are some updates on Facebook and Messenger you need to check. And once you will click the link of these websites, they ask you for the username and password of your Facebook account to know the updates regarding Facebook or Messenger.

Mostly these are the websites having sub-domains like So if you find such websites having subdomains, then stay away from that, and report it if you can.

4.Remove Facebook Account From Other’s Devices

Sometimes we log in to our Facebook account on some of our friend’s mobile or computer devices. After logging in and using Facebook on those devices, there is a chance that we forget to log out of the device. In this case, our Facebook account remains logged in to that device.

Not everyone forgets to log out of the device. Many of us must be logging out of other’s devices after using Facebook. But one thing that many may be forgetting is to remove the Facebook account from that device after logging out. So, along with logging out of someone’s devices, also don’t forget to remove your Facebook account from that device either its computer or mobile. This will ensure the security of your account from those devices.

5.Create Strong Password And Don’t Share It With Others

A strong password plays one of the major roles in securing a Facebook account. Many users create a very simple password so that they could remember them easily. Users create passwords over the name of some of their favorite things, persons, actors, sportsmen, phone numbers, birth dates, emails, etc. Passwords like these are very easy to guess for others. So, it is the very best option to create strong, long, and complex passwords that will require more time and effort for the hackers to guess.

Here are some tips for creating a strong password for Facebook:

  • Keep your password easy for you, but very difficult for others to guess.
  • Try to create longer password. Instead of using single word, use sentences having a combination of characters such as commas, percent signs, and parentheses, as well as upper-case and lower-case letters and numbers. Longer passwords are more safer than shorter passwords.
  • Create password different from the passwords you use to log into other accounts, like your email or bank account or other social media accounts.
  • Make the password more complex by making it longer with a phrase or series of words that you can easily remember, but no one else knows.

6.Protect Yourself From Spyware And Malware

Hackers and scammers can also hack your Facebook account by hacking your browser. And they can do this through much spyware and malware that you may have accidentally and unknowingly installed on your computer.

There are many dangerous malware and spyware that can hack your entire computer if installed on it. These types of dangerous software occur as pop-up ads on to the screen or browser. So to protect yourself from such spyware and malware, you can use different adblockers for your browser.

7.Don’t Use Third-Party Tools For Facebook

There are many third-party tools that you may be used for making things easy on Facebook. Like tools for scheduling posts, changing fonts of the text, etc. When you use such third-party apps, programs, or websites, they ask for your permission to access your Facebook account. Once you give access to your Facebook account to such third-party tools, they will have your entire details and may misuse them.

If you are looking for scheduling your posts on Facebook, then you don’t even need to look for any third-party tools. You can do it by using the feature of Facebook called Creator Studio.

Final Worlds

These are the 7 tips that you can follow in order to secure your Facebook account from hackers and scammers. Although these ways don’t ensure 100% of securing your Facebook account, they will help you to secure your Facebook account from many possible attempts of hacking.

If you find this post useful, then share it. You can ask your queries regarding this or give your advice and suggestions in the comment box below.

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