Ticketed Spaces: Earn Using Twitter Spaces | Fully Explained

Recently Twitter had launched and added many features to their app like story sharing feature Twitter Fleets, and a live audio feature called Twitter Spaces where users can either host or join an audio chat. To this Space, Twitter has added a special feature called Ticketed Spaces that will allow the creators to earn money.

Though it is only in its beta version now, you can still take advantage of this feature. You can apply for it now and get started earning from it.

To know about this special feature of Twitter that will allow you to make money by hosting a live audio Space, stick to the end of this article. I have tried my best to cover all the basic things that you need to know about Ticketed Spaces.

What is Ticketed Spaces?

Ticketed Spaces are a new way of monetization on Twitter. It is developed to support creators for their time and effort in hosting, speaking, and moderating the public conversation in Twitter Spaces. Spaces are the live audio chat option on Twitter and have gained popularity over the users in a very short period of time.

Using this new feature of Twitter, a creator can make money by earning the share of the revenue from the tickets purchased from Twitter to attend the creators’ Ticketed Spaces.

Ticketed Spaces

It will help creators generate revenue from the content they are hosting while allowing people to show their support. Creators can host different workshops, conversations, education-related seminars, discussions, sessions, etc with their followers. This will be a kind of paid online event.

They can set the ticket and sell these tickets to their followers or fans asking them to join the Spaces. It means a creator that can be anyone having a good fan base on Twitter can make money by selling tickets for their Spaces on Twitter.

Eligible Criteria For Ticketed Spaces

In order to earn from Ticketed Spaces, the first thing you must be eligible to participate in this program of Twitter. There are certain criteria made by Twitter that needs to be fulfilled that can make you eligible for the approval of Ticketed Spaces.

Below are some eligibility criteria for Ticketed Spaces:

  • You must be 18 years of age or above.
  • You must have a complete authentic profile with an account name, proper bio, profile picture, and header image(Cover image). Your profile shouldn’t feature the identity of another person, brand, or organization. Even the profiles that feature animals or fictional characters are ineligible unless directly affiliated with your brand or organization.
  • Your account must have a verified email address.
  • You must not have a history of repeatedly violating the Twitter User Agreement.
  • You must have not previously been removed as an advertiser on Twitter for violations of Ads Policies or as a publisher for violations of brand safety policies.
  • Your account should not be a state-affiliated media account.
  • You must have 1000+ active followers.
  • You must have hosted at least 3 Spaces within the last 30 days.

[Even though you meet all these criteria, Twitter does not guarantee acceptance as a Ticketed Space host.]

How Can You Earn From Ticketed Spaces?

If you are eligible for Ticketed Spaces, then you can make money using this feature by hosting a Space on Twitter. So a creator can earn from Ticketed Spaces in this way:

  • The first thing you need to do is to whenever you plan to start a space, schedule it for later. After scheduling the space, then select your ticket quantity and set the price according to your choice.
  • The second thing is to sell the tickets for your spaces. Once you are done creating your Ticketed Spaces, you can sell your tickets by sharing a tweet with all of your followers so that they can purchase tickets to join the spaces that you are going to host.
  • Once your followers will purchase tickers of your spaces, your earning will be deposited in your account approximately 45 days later. Twitter will allow you to earn up to 97% of the revenue generated after selling tickets.

How To Apply For Ticketed Spaces?

  • Open the Twitter app, and open the sidebar menu.
  • On the sidebar menu, you will see a new Monetisation option. Press Monetization and a new window will appear.
Apply for ticketed spaces
  • Select Ticketed Space from there, which will bring you to another new window.
  • You will see some basic information about Ticketed Spaces. Scroll to the end of the screen, and you will see Apply For Ticketed Spaces Beta option.
Apply for ticketed spaces
  • After pressing that option, a new screen will appear where you can see how many of the required criteria do you meet. If your account meets all the criteria, then Agree & Apply button will be visible. Once it is visible, press it to apply for the approval of Ticketed Spaces.

My Opinion

Personally, I think Twitter has taken a good step to support those creators who keep hosting useful Spaces. This feature will be very beneficial for those Twitter users who have a good fan base on Twitter, especially for users like celebrities, influencers, digital marketers, etc. But what I also think is since people have to pay for the tickets to join the Spaces, there will be very few chances that people will be going to pay a high amount. If the price of the ticket will be low and affordable so that anyone can pay easily for the tickets, in that case, it may be effective.

So, if you have a good fan base on Twitter, and you love hosting Spaces then you should certainly apply. This feature will be very beneficial for those who have good speaking skills, and love to host Twitter Spaces. If they can give valuable information and knowledge, then their followers will surely pay for the tickets.

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