Top Free Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies

You can find the number of such torrent websites for downloading movies through several links. But as you know downloading pieces of stuff from the internet using torrent can be harmful to your devices as well as for you too. 
Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies
But as every problem have a solution, in the same way, there is a solution for this and many of you also might know about this solution. Yes, I am talking about using a VPN. You can download movies from torrent websites using good VPN apps, software, or extensions. 

Even you use VPN and tries to download movies or anything else from torrent sites, you can’t find the best such websites where you can feel safe to download movies and from where downloading movies seem easy and simple. 
As I have earlier said too that you can find so many such websites on the internet that claim to be the best torrent websites for downloading movies. But in fact, the download links of many such websites really don’t work and you have to be disappointed. 

WARNING: Never Use Any Torrent Websites Without Using VPN
Downloading torrent files using different torrent websites isn’t completely illegal. But downloading the files that are illegal and are pirated is considered an illegal action. In this case, the concerned government authorities can take legal actions against you. So while using torrent websites, never forget to use a VPN.

5 Best Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies

In this article, I am going to tell you about some best torrent websites that really work and will help you to download Hollywood movies in an easy and simple way. You won’t get many names of websites. So you also won’t get so confused to use which one of them. These are the websites that I have been personally using for a long time and have been never getting disappointed. 

YTS Yify Movies

YTS Yify Movie is the best torrent website for downloading Hollywood movies using torrent links in an easy and simple way. It is a website with a simple and attractive interface. 

Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies

Features Of YTS Yify Movies:
  • You can browse and download movies in very good quality in 720p and 1080p available in both format BluRay and WEB format.
  • You can also find the movies in 3D and 4K quality in a very small size. 
  • The torrent links are always working. You can’t find any broken links to the movies. 
  • The download process of movies from this website is very easy and simple.
  • Apart from Hollywood movies, you can also find Bollywood, French, Korean, Japanese, and other languages movies. 
  • As you will get the direct download link of the movies from this website, the download speed is much faster than from other torrent websites. 


You can also call BabyTorrent another version of YTS Yify Movies as it seems both websites share the same links for the movies that are available on both of these websites.  
Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies
Features Of BabyTorrent
  • Simple and easy to use with an easier interface to understand
  • Along with movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, and other languages movies, series and TV shows can also be found here in good qualities.
  • Multiple download links are available 
  • Movies can be even watched online if you don’t want to download
  • Movies in 4K resolutions are also available here. 
  • The recently released movie either on OTT platforms or in theatres can be found here in pretty much good quality than on other websites. 


Zooqle.Com is another awesome torrent website in this list that is a bit different from above mentioned two websites. 
Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies
Features Of Zooqle.Com
  • There are so many numbers of movies, TV shows, and series on this website. So you can almost find every movie or series you want. 
  • The download links on this website are much more than the rest of the websites on this list. 
  • There are multiple versions of the same download links.
  • Movies and series are available up to 4K resolutions with different versions and different audio formats.


1337x is one of the few and best torrent website available on the internet that provides a directory of torrent files and direct magnetic links of files like movies, series, shows, software, games, anime, music, documentaries, and others that are used for peer-to-peer file sharing through different torrent protocols. 
Torrent Websites For Hollywood Movies
Features Of 1337
  • You can access other torrent sites likes The Pirate Bay, Lime Torrent, and Oxotorrent directly from this website in case you want to download torrent files from these websites. 
  • The information on the movies and the screenshot of the video resolutions are available. So that you can check everything related to the file before downloading it. 
  • You can find Magnetic Link as well as Torrent Download links of the file directly. If you directly want to download the files then you can use Magnetic Link, but if you want to download torrent file only then you can use Torrent Download. 
  • You can find the torrent files of movies, shows, series, games, and so on here. 
These are the four best and useful torrent websites that actually work for Hollywood movies.

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