What Is Facebook Creator Studio And How To Use It

Have you even hear about Facebook Creator Studio? If yes, then you must be knowing what it is and how useful it for the creators, publishers, and marketers on Facebook.

But there are still many who don’t know much about this great tool of Facebook. If you own one or multiple Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, then Facebook Creator Studio is a thing that is going to help in many ways including saving both your time and effort.

In this blog post, along with telling you what is Facebook Creator Studio in detail, I am going to try to tell you how it can be beneficial for you, and how can you get the maximum advantage of this tool.

What Is Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is a special feature or section provided by Facebook for the content creators and publishers who are active on Facebook. It brings all the tools that a creator and a publisher on Facebook seek together in one place. It will help you to manage, schedule, analyze, and track the performances of all contents across all the Facebook Pages that a creator or publisher has in one place.

A user can’t only manage and analyze the contents of Facebook Pages, but Creator Studio also allows a user to manage, schedule, and analyze the contents of Instagram accounts.

In sort, Facebook Creator Studio is a feature available on Facebook Page that allows the creator and publisher to manage and analyze the contents, and also track their performances across all the Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts that the creator or publisher manages.

Initially, this feature was available only on the desktop version. But last year in February, Facebook made it available on mobile devices also. So you can access Creator Studio on both computer devices and mobile devices including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS respectively. It provides you a dashboard that will help you to manage Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.

Features Of Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio provides many useful features to the creators and publishers. Along with allowing the creators and publishers to manage the content across all the Facebook Pages, and Instagram accounts, these features also save their time and effort.

Below are the best features that come with Facebook Creator Studio.

Features For Facebook Pages

Here are the features that Facebook Creator Studio provides to the creators and publishers for the Facebook Pages:

  • Create: It will allows you to create, compose, and post different contents like videos, photos, links, live video, GIFs etc.
  • Home: Home will provide you all the important updates, alerts, advices, and overviews of the posts from the selected pages.
  • Content Library: You will be able to access all of your contents across all the Pages that you manage at one place. You can also see insights from and take actions on individual posts, like editing, boosting or deleting them.
  • Insights: It helps you to track how your content is performing, get metrics on your estimated earnings and discover advanced insights about your audience across all your Pages.
  • Inbox: It helps you to manage interactions across all your Pages from the Inbox tab. Includes Facebook Messenger and post comments, as well as Instagram post comments.
  • Monetization: It helps to check your eligibility, apply and onboard to in-stream ads, fan subscriptions and Stars. Once you’re earning money, use the Monetization tab to edit your payout settings, view statements, manage in-stream ads block lists and promote your subscriptions.
  • Rights Manager: It helps to detect audio and video content matching the reference files you upload.
  • Sound Collection: It helps to choose variety of music and sound effects to download and include in your videos for free without any worry of legal action. All tracks are legal to use.

Features For Instagram Account

Creator Studio doesn’t provide more features for Instagram. Though the features that they provide for Instagram are very useful for users. The features that you can get in Creator Studio are:

  • Content Library: Get an overview of your Instagram video, photo, carousel, stories and IGTV posts.
  • Activity Insights: Better understand the actions people take when they engage with your account.
  • Audience Insights: Audience Insights includes information on your followers’ gender, age range, location and when they were on Instagram over the last seven days.

How To Use Facebook Creator Studio?

You must have pretty much known Creator Studio and its feature by now. As you know Creator Studio is available on both computer and mobile devices, so let’s see how you can use Creator Studio on the computer and mobile devices.

Use Creator Studio On The Computer/Desktop

To use Creator Studio on computer devices, you have to first open the Creator Studio. You can do it in different ways. You can either navigate to www.facebook.com/creatorstudio or browse Creator Studio/Facebook Creator Studio on your browser to open the dashboard.

Once you open the dashboard of Creator Studio, you will see many options and menus on the Homepage. You will see two sections on the top of the Homepage-Facebook and Instagram. You can navigate to each section by clicking their icons.

On the left side of the Homepage, you will get to see the number of features about which I have talked earlier one by one. Now, let me tell you how you can use these features effectively.

Create New: You can create new posts, create post-tests, add a story, upload single or multiple videos at a time, go live, and can post the same video across all the pages you manage.

  • To create a new post, go to Create New>Creat Post, and select the page on which you want to post.
  • After choosing the Page, add the content you want to post. You can add Text, Video, and Photo as an content. After adding the content, click Publish button. You can either publish it instantly or save as draft or schedule it for later.

Create Post Tests option allows users to create and test up to 4 versions of an organic video post. The versions can include different post content, headlines, thumbnails, or edits of the video itself.

Notifications: In the Notification section, you will see all the notifications of all the Pages that you manage. Notifications include Alerts, Recommendations, and Updates.

Pre-Published: Pre-Published is a section where you can see and manage all the scheduled upcoming posts across all the Pages. You can see all types of content that are scheduled including Texts, Photos, Videos, Links, and Live Videos.

Along with the scheduled posts, you can also see all your draft posts here.

Published: It is a section where you can see and manage all your published posts on all the pages that you manage. You can see every detail of all the posts here that are published including when it was published and by whom. You can see the performance of an individual published post. From here, you can also make any changes to the published post. Even there is an option to change the published date. You can backdate the post so that it appears in the past of your Page’s timeline.

Content Library: Basically, it a place that includes the combined features of Pre-Published and Published. You can see and manage all the scheduled, published, expired, drafts, and expiring posts all at the same place.

Insights: Insight is a place where you can see the details of the performances of your Facebook pages live.

Insights are divided into four categories:

  • Pages
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Instant Articles

From the menu on the right side of the screen, you can access dashboards specific to each category, e.g. Audience insights in Pages and Retention insights in Videos.

Within each dashboard, you can view insights from specific timeframes and export your data.

Tracking the performance of Facebook Stories in Insights is a bit tricky. You have to manually turn the feature on but even then, Facebook will only give you access to 28 days of insights.

Inbox+: Inbox is a place where you can see and manage all the comments and messages that you get on your Facebook Pages and connected Instagram accounts. Insights let you reply to the comments and messages directly from the dashboard. It will also help you to mark Main, Done, and Spam comments and messages.

Monetization: There are different methods of monetization on Facebook by which you can earn money. Depending on your audience and the kinds of content you produce, you can find a combination that works for you. Monetization is a section in Creator Studio that allows you to set up different monetization tools, track your earnings, and manage your payout settings. Once your Facebook Pages are eligible for monetization, you can apply for monetization through this section.

The ways through which you can earn as a creator or publisher on Facebook are given below:

  • In-Stream Ads For On-Demand
  • Brands Collab Manager
  • Stars
  • Instant Articles
  • In-Stream Ads For Live

When you will open the dashboard of this section, you will see either your Facebook Pages are eligible for any monetization tools or not. If they are eligible, then you can set up and apply for the monetization right from your dashboard.

Creative Tools: It is a section that has different tools for creators and publishers. This section consists of two dashboards.

  • Live Dashboard-It is a resource centre and performance tracker for the gamers who stream games on Facebook. From here, a gamer can Set Up Live Stream, Create Tournament Events, Test Broadcasts, Schedule Streams, Set Up Goals, see their acheivements, etc. Along with these, you will see Tools & Settings section from where you can enable dark mode, edit page settings, add banned keywords etc.
  • Sound Collection-It is a library of royalty free tracks and songs that you can use on Facebook and Instagram easily.

Settings: It is a section from where you can have different settings of your Facebook Pages. You can create a new page, or add a new person and their role on the Pages that you manage.

Use Creator Studio On The Mobile Device

Using Creator Studio on mobile devices is pretty much easier than using it on computer devices. To use Facebook Creator Studio on a mobile device, the first thing you have to do is download the Creator Studio app on the device. Android users can download it from Google PlayStore while iOS users can get it from App Store.

After downloading and installing the app, open it and connect your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, choose one of the pages that you manage. There are 5 tools available on the bottom. There are limited features on the mobile version of Creator Studio compare to the desktop version.

  • Home: It is a place where you can the page performances in sort, and get other updates and news.
  • Posts: It is a place where you will get three sections: Published, Scheduled, and Draft. You can see all of your contents here either it is published, scheduled or drafted.
  • Insights: Insights give you the performance summary of the page and all the contents on it. You can see the performance of your page from past 90 days, and compare it.
  • Inbox: Inbox helpd you to see and reply all the message and comments directly from one place.
  • Notifications: It is a place where you will get the notifications of all types of news and updates of your Page.

How To Connect Instagram To Facebook Creator Studio?

It is not very difficult to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio. You can connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio in simple few steps.

But the most important thing before you connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio is that Creator Studio is only compatible with the business Instagram account. You can’t connect to Creator Studio if you have a personal Instagram account.

Also, more importantly, to connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio, make sure your Facebook account and Instagram account are connected together. Otherwise, the process might be different to connect Instagram to Creator Studio.

If you have connected your Instagram is connected to your Facebook account, then follow these simple steps to connect Instagram to the Creator Studio.

  • Open Creator Studio.
  • Go to Instagram Section.
  • Click on Connect To Instagram(It will ask you to share your Instagram access to the Facebook Page members. You can either choose OK or skip it.)
  • After that a new windows will appear. Type your username and password of Instagram to log in.
  • Now, your Instagram account is connected to the Facebook Creator Studio.

Using Facebook Creator Studio, you can now tag people in photo posts, turn off comments, and tag business partners in the branded content.

Along with these, you can create posts for Instagram Feed & IGTV, see the insights of the contents on Instagram, monetize your account by joining Brand Collab Manager if your account is eligible for monetization. It also allows you to connect all the Instagram accounts that you manage.

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Final Opinion

Facebook Creator Studio is undoubtedly one of the powerful tools available for creators, publishers, and marketers on Facebook or Instagram. But this doesn’t mean if you aren’t one of these, then you can’t use this tool. Anyone who uses Facebook Pages and Instagram can be benefited by using this tool.

So, if you own and manage Facebook Pages, then Facebook Creator Studio is a great tool for you.

FAQs On Facebook Creator Studio

Some of the frequently asked questions on this topics are answered below:

Is Facebook Creator Studio Free?

Facebook Creator Studio is absolutely free on all devices.

Where Do I Find Facebook Creator Studio?

There are two best ways to find Facebook Creator Studio on computer devices:
1. Visit facebook.com/creatorstudio on your browser to open it
2. Go to Facebook Page>Publishing Tools>Tools>Creator Studio

And you can find Creator Studio on the mobile device in the PlayStore and App Store.

Who Can Use Facebook Creator Studio?

Anyone who uses Facebook pages and Instagram can use Facebook Creator Studio.

Can I Use Creator Studio Without Facebook?

You can’t use Creator Studio without Facebook. But you can use it without having an Instagram account.

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