9 Best Online Websites To Watch Movies For Free

If you are reading this, then you also must be loving watching movies the same as me. You may be watching movies either in theatres or on streaming platforms. As there are also many other ways to watch movies staying at home. One of these ways is to watch movies online or by streaming the movies online through several such online websites. 

You can find numbers of such online websites on the internet to watch or stream movies online either it is Hollywood, Bollywood, or other languages movies. Some of you also may have known the names of some best online movie streaming websites. 

But many of you who are reading this may not know about such good and best websites from where you can watch and stream movies online for free without charging any money. Even these websites are providing you movies to watch for free, there is one thing that keeps annoying you while watching the movies and that is frequently appearing ads on the website.

Best Websites To Watch Movies Online For Free

The names of the websites that I am going to tell you on this list haven’t the big problem of appearing ads. Even if you find some ads on the websites, you can use AdBlockers for your browser. 

In this article, you are going to know the names of more than 10 useful and free websites for watching movies online without facing problems. All the websites on this list are totally legal and work properly if your internet connection is good.


123GoStream also known as Go Stream is one of the best online websites that offer you to watch movies and TV shows without registration. It means you don’t have to register to the websites with your email and you don’t have to create an account there to watch movies online.


Some of the best features of this website that you should know:

  • The first best feature is that you don’t have to register with your Gmail to watch movies and shows.
  • The movies are available up to the resolutions of 1080p BluRay.
  • You can find the latest movies here that have been released digitally.
  • You can search for movies according to the genre and country as well as according to your choice.
  • Movies that are released on Netflix and on other paid streaming platforms are also available here.
  • You can also find popular shows from old to the latest like Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Gangs Of London, Stranger Things, The Flash, Kingdom, Watchmen, Peaky Blinders, etc. 


Despite having the above-mentioned features, there are some demerits on this website that also you need to know:

  • ADS will keep popping up frequently while you visit this website. And you can’t use AdBlockers for blocking the ads. If you do so, the links won’t open. But once you start streaming movies, then you don’t have to see the ads. 
  • Sometimes the websites may take a few times to open as they will keep buffering and roaming.
  • To download the movies from here you have to register.


My Download Tube is another best online website to watch movies online for free. This website is completely legal and is popularly known for watching and downloading the latest movies. 


The features that make this website one of the best websites to watch movies online for free are:

  • You don’t need to create an account or provide the credit card information to watch movies. 
  • You can browse through the hundreds of movies to watch them online or to download them on your website for free to watch later. 
  • You don’t even don’t need to register to download the movies and unlike other websites, this website provides you with completely direct links for free to download them without any redirects, third-party sites, or annoying ads.


Some of the demerits of this website are:

  • You still have to face some ads while downloading or watching movies but these can be ignored by AdBlockers.
  • There are several links and you might get confused while trying to watch any movie online or while trying to download it. 


MXPlayer is one of the best websites to watch movies online for free. Even instead of calling this a website, MX Player has now become the free streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

The only difference is you have to pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime whereas MX Player is completely free. You don’t have to pay for MX Player to watch movies and shows online for free. 


There are many amazing features of MX Player:

  • Since this is an OTT service, So you don’t have to worry about privacy. It’s a completely secure and legal site to watch movies for free.
  • Besides movies, you can watch web series, TV shows, music videos, and many others.
  • Many Indian Live TV Channels are also supported here.
  • Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed and many other Indian languages movies are found here.
  • There is so much completely free content to watch and enjoy.


The only demerit of MX Player that I have found is:

  • Many of its content isn’t available in several countries, especially in South Asian countries. So if you are from South Asian countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, then you may have to face this problem in MX Player. But you can easily get access to those contents by using proper and good VPN services. 


Moviestars.To is one of the best websites with a great user-friendly interface to watch movies, shows, and series online for free. Moviestar.To allow you to watch movies and series for absolutely free in HD quality without any registration and sign up. 


Some of the highlighted features of this website are:

  • There are many contents on this website to watch.
  • Movies and series are classified according to country, genre, and year. So it will be easy for the viewers to search for any movie.
  • Watching movies online is absolutely free and you don’t need to sign up or register. 
  • You can directly download the movies or series even during watching them online. There is a direct download button available.


Some demerits on this website are:

  • ADS will keep coming and will redirect to other third-party sites with every click on this website.
  • To watch movies in 1080p resolutions, you have to sign up.


Many of you may know about this website. FMovies.To is one of the most popular websites to watch movies online for free. It is one of the best and safe places to watch movies online for free without any registration.


Let’s know some of the best features of this website so that you can watch movies online for free here:

  • One of the safest and best places to watch movies for free. 
  • You can find movies from different countries in almost all genres. 
  • Not only movies, but you can also watch series, shows, and anime also. 
  • You can even request a movie if you don’t find the movie you are looking for. 


There are few demerits also on this website that you may not like. 

  • Sometimes it may take a few minutes to stream or load movies even if your internet connection is good and fast.
  • Most of the movies and shows on the website aren’t in full HD. The videos are up to 720p resolutions only. 


Putlocker.To is also one of the most popular online websites to watch the latest movies online for free without any registration and sign-up. From the latest movies to the latest series, you can find them all here for free. The site is most popular for uploading new content on a daily basis. 


Some of the best features of Putlocker.To are:

  • It lets you watch your favorite movies and shows for free. 
  • Movies of different countries are found here. 
  • No need for registration to watch movies online.
  • You can watch movies or shows according to the IMDB lists also. 
  • You can also request your favorite movie if it isn’t there on the website. 
  • The problem of ADS isn’t found here. 


There are some demerits on the website also that you may not like:

  • All the movies aren’t in good HD quality.
  • You can’t download movies from here if you want to watch them later. 
  • There may take some time to load a movie even having a good internet connection. 


Popcornflix.Com is one of the popular as well as the best online websites to watch movies and TV shows for free. This website also provides you tons of content to watch for free without any registrations and signing up. 

Though if you want to create an account, you can create an account and watch movies and shows. 


Some of the best features of popcornflix.com are:

  • It has a good user-friendly interface by showing the numbers of movies according to their genre on the Home Screen. 
  • You can watch movies, shows, foreign movies, comedy videos, and documentaries also from here. 
  • Movies are found in good HD qualities. 


Some demerits of this website are:

  • Its content is unavailable in many countries. So in that case you have to use VPN services. 
  • Downloading movies or shows isn’t possible from here.
  • You may face the problem of buffering during the streaming of movies online. 


Openculture.Com isn’t only to watch movies for free. The website is very useful for other things also. 

Open culture is a collection of free movies, online courses, podcasts, etc. If you are searching for a website to watch classic Hollywood movies, then this website is for you. 


  • You can find movies for free here from different countries.
  • The site is more popular for classic old movies than the latest modern movies.
  • Besides free movies, you can find free courses, free online classes, podcasts, new language learning tutorials, recordings of old famous personalities, etc.
  • There is no problem with popping up ADS and it won’t redirect you to other third-party websites.
  • More than 800 free eBooks are available here.


Some demerits of this website are:

  • You can watch only classical old films.
  • There are about 1150 movies only here.
  • The movies are in the listed form without posters and thumbnails. So you may find it boring to search for movies. 

FreeForm Movies

If you are in the United States Of America and are searching for the best and safe websites to watch movies and shows for free in very good HD quality, then FreeForm Movies is just for you. 

This is one of the best websites for the people of the USA to watch movies and shows for free.


Some of the best features of Freeform Movies are:

  • It provides your numbers of movies and shows for free in HD quality.
  • The feature of LIVE TV is also available here. So that you can also watch Live TV Channels for free.
  • It is the safest and completely legal streaming website.  


Some demerits of this website are:

  • The website works only in US territory. So if you are from outside the USA, you have to use good VPN services for this website.
  • The number of contents here isn’t big. So you may not find some of the movies or shows you are trying to search for and watch. 


These are some of the best websites to watch movies online for free. I have tried to at least give you the names of at least 3 to 4 new names of the websites that many of you haven’t heard of. I hope you like this and will help you to watch movies online for free in your free time. 

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