What Are Twitter Fleets | How To Create Fleets?

Even being among the top social media platforms, Twitter usually takes a long time to introduce some features for its users. After a long time, Twitter has introduced a feature for its users named Twitter Fleets.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, Twitter simply doesn’t introduce or update features for Twitter users. For a long time, Twitter users want a few changes or updates to the existing features of Twitter but aren’t getting those updates.

Even though Twitter hasn’t introduced a feature that most of the users were expecting, this newly introduced feature from Twitter named Twitter Fleets seems interesting, and it also appears as a needed feature for Twitter users. 

So to know about Twitter Fleets in detail, stick till the end of this article. 

What Are Fleets On Twitter/What Are Twitter Fleets?

So first of all, let’s start with the question what is really a fleet on Twitter? 

In very simple words, Twitter Fleets is the same as Facebook Story, Instagram Story, or stories like features on other social media platforms. 

Same as like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc, Twitter has now also allowed its users to share their thoughts either in the form of text, images, GIFs, and videos in a story for a limited period of time that is 24 hours. Basically, it is a story feature of Twitter.

Many people are saying Twitter Fleets Disappearing Tweets as it allows the user to share the tweets that will disappear permanently after 24 hours.

According to the Twitter itself Fleets is a feature that gives you the power to use and interact with Twitter in a whole new way, right in the moment. Fleets allow you to share fleeting or transitory thoughts, and after 24 hours, they’ll disappear from view. Share personal in-the-moment thoughts with your followers free of public reactions.

twitter fleets

Twitter fleets is a new section on the top of the Twitter mobile app. It’s a lot like stories on different platforms like Facebook stories, Instagram stories where you can post videos, images, text, GIFS and they will disappear after 24 hours.

You can find the Twitter fleet on the top of the Home page of your Twitter app. These are called Fleet, not Stories. 

It is a lot different from the rest of Twitter where you can compose text-based messages or photos and they always permanently stay on your profile unless you delete them. 

In short Twitter, Fleets are disappearing messages that last only 24 hours, same as stories if you have seen those on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Whatsapp. 

Twitter Fleets are available for the mobile Twitter app only yet. Like you get or access to this newly introduced story-like feature of Twitter in Android or IOS phones only. It hasn’t been introduced to the desktop version yet. 

How To Fleet On Twitter/
How To Create Fleets On Twitter?

Now you have known what is Twitter Fleets, and it might have to grab your attention too. So now, let’s talk about how you can create fleets on Twitter? It’s not a lengthy process to create a fleet on Twitter. The steps are very simple.

Update your Twitter app if it is not showing on the top of your app. But if Twitter Fleets are showing on the top of your Twitter app, then follow these easy steps to create fleets on Twitter.

  • Go to the Home Page of your Twitter app and on the top of you will find fleets of others
  • To create your own fleet, you have to press the Add button
  • After pressing the Add button, it will bring you to the page where there are multiple things that are available on this page. There are four sections like Gallery, Text, Capture, and Video once you will open Twitter Fleets by pressing the Add button from the Home page of the app. Let’s talk about all the options that are available on the page of Twitter Fleets one by one.

Gallery: A Galley section will let you share the images, GIFs, and videos that are on your phone. You can get access to all the folders on your phone where images and videos are stored. From your device, choose images or videos that you want to share on your Fleets, and then add some texts to say something about that image or video. You can also change the color of the texts or you can even add background to the text to make them look quite stylish. 

Once you are done adding text and colors to your image or videos, then press Fleet on the top corner to post it.

Text: Left to the Gallery section, there is a Text option that lets you type texts that will disappear permanently after 24 hours. So you have to type something that you want to post. You will have some other options like making your text bold and putting background, and changing the color of text and background if you want to. And after typing text, making it bold or changing its color, or putting a background, you can press the Fleet button on the top to post it. 

Capture: Next to the right of the Gallery option, there is a Capture option. With this option, you can capture photos, and post them to the Fleets. You can also add some text to those photos same as like Text option.

Video: Next to the Capture option, there is a video section from where you can record a video and post it to the fleet. And again, after recording videos you can add some texts to those videos if you want and after that, you can post them to Fleets.

With all these above-mentioned sections of Twitter Fleets, you can create your own fleets or stories on Twitter. 

  • Now you have created Fleets on your Twitter. Go back to the Home Page to check and see the fleets that you have posted. Your fleets are now ready to be seen by your followers. You can see how many of your followers have seen your fleets, and when they will react or reply to your fleets, then you will get their reactions on your message inbox.

How To Fleet Tweets?

Now, a question may come that can we fleet the texts that we have tweeted? 

The answer is yes. You can even fleet tweets that you have posted on your Twitter profile. Not only your own tweets, but you can also fleet the tweets of others whom you are following. 

Here is the easy way to fleet tweets in Twitter fleets. 

  • Select the tweet that you want to fleet on your Twitter fleets
  • Press the Share button that is at the bottom of tweets
  • After pressing the Share Button, you will see options like Send Via Direct Message and Share In A Fleet
  • Now, you must have come to know that to the fleet the tweet that you have selected, you have to now choose the Share In A Fleet option
  • Once you will click the Share In A Fleet option, your tweet will open in a Twitter Fleets screen to be shared there. Now you all have to do is either share the tweets by adding some text to them or simply press the Fleet option at the top corner of the screen to share the tweet in Twitter Fleets. 

This is how you can fleet the tweets of yours as well as others on your Twitter Fleets. You can now go back to your Home page and see the fleets that you have shared.

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