What Does PDF Means | Know Everything About PDF Files

PDF isn’t something that many of you may not have ever seen or heard of. There must be very few mobile or PC users who have never heard of PDF or PDF files. If you are a computer user or mobile user, then you must have heard about PDF or must have seen PDF files. 

But, Do you know everything about PDF files? Do you know What PDF means? What it really used for? What does it do? How PDF files can benefit you? 

If you already know about PDF files, but still don’t know how to create PDF files? Then after reading this whole article you will be able to know about PDF files in detail and also be able to create PDF files.

What Does PDF Means?

In general, PDF stands for PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT, which clearly means it is a format of a document, and since it is available on electronic platforms, we can say PDF is a digital format of documents including both text formatting and image formatting layout. 

This format of the file was developed by the software company Adobe in 1993. PDF files are modeled exactly the same as paper documents. And the word portable means it is supposed to look and behave the same as a paper document no matter where and how the files are rendered. 

PDF files contain texts, images, embedded fonts, videos, hyperlinks, buttons, and many more. 

Exactly talking about PDF file, it is the format of a file having a .pdf file extension. It is a highly secure format of file and document that can be used for read-only purposes so that none can edit and change the layout of the file.

Why PDF Is Mostly Used?

Many of you may have noticed that whenever you download any important files like mark sheets, admit cards of exams, invoices, or any kind of payment statement, they all in PDF format. And also eBooks, user manuals, applications, and software forums are also in the format of PDF.

Have you ever think why these kinds of files are always found in PDF format? Why aren’t they as a word document or others?

There is a simple and very reasonable answer behind why PDF is mostly used nowadays? As you know PDF means Portable Document Format. And it is said portable not only because these files are easier to transfer from one place to another, but there are other reasons behind the heavy use of PDF files that you will further know. 

Whenever you transfer or send any files either it is a word document, excel document, or etc from to others, you want to send those files with the same property and layout in which you have created and prepared the files. And property and layout of the file mean all the elements like font size, font style, line spacing, images, video, text margin, text color, and other things that you have used in your file including its design.

Let’s take an example so that you can understand this quite clearly. Suppose you make a document in MS Word with having a .docx extension. While creating this document, you will use the elements like font style, font size, and font color of the texts that you like. You will use margin and line spacing according to the screen size of your device. 

After finishing the document, you will want to send it to some of your friends in the same format as a word document. And what if your friends don’t have the same version of MS Word, and they don’t have font style and font color in their version? In such a case, that heading or line, or sentence won’t appear on their device. 

Suppose you create any type of other documents using the software that you have and want to send these files to any company or organization that doesn’t have the kind of software that you have used, then the font, text, and layout that you have used will be missing. That’s why PDF files are used so that the files can be transferred or sent to other places and peoples without any missing elements.

Benefits Of Using PDF File

As of now, you know why PDF is mostly used? Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of using PDF files. The biggest benefit of using PDF files is that  PDF files and documents can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone on any system regardless of any operating system, hardware, and software. Besides this, here are some more benefits that will make you use PDF files. 

  • File and documents can be easily sent and transferred without altering their property and layout
  • PDF compress the size of the file without altering the quality of the content in it
  • Content and layout won’t be missing even opening it on any devices
  • Confidential and personal files can be protected using a password to avoid their misuse
  • PDF files are for a read-only purpose, you need additional software to edit PDF
  • They can be opened on any computer, laptop, mobile device, and tablet
  • A PDF file can be easily printed

How To View Or Open PDF Files?

Since PDF is a portable format of files that can be viewed and open on any device, you may have a question how can I view or open PDF files on our computer or mobile devices?

To view and open PDF files, there is a number of third-party applications and software available. You can also open a PDF file without downloading such software and applications. Below are the ways by which you can view PDF files on your computer and mobile devices. 

On Computer:

There are many third-party applications for viewing PDF files. But the best of all is you don’t need to download any application to view PDF files on your computer if you have a web browser on your PC. PDF files can be easily viewed using the web browsers on the computers either it is Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera Mini. 

There are many third-party applications and software for viewing and opening PDFs like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Nitro Reader, Javelin PDF Reader, and others. You can download this software for free.

On Mobile Devices:

We can’t open PDF files on a web browser like Chrome or Android or IOS. There are different ways of viewing PDF files according to mobile devices. Most of the mobile devices that are coming today have by default features of opening PDF files. 

In case, there is no default option or feature for opening PDF files on the mobile device, then we can download PDF Reader apps from Play Store. 

How To Create PDF File?

To convert any kind of document files into PDF files, there are many applications and software available on the internet. There are other ways also to convert documents into PDFs on the computer and mobile devices. Let’s talk check out how files and documents can be converted into PDF using the computer and mobile devices.

On Computer:

Creating a PDF file isn’t a difficult or lengthy process. We can create a PDF file of any kind of documents i.e word documents, PowerPoint documents, image documents, and so on. There are both online and offline ways of creating PDF files. You can use any one of these two ways. 

Online Way To Create PDF File

In an online way of creating a PDF file, there are many free online websites to create PDF files from word and image documents. 

Some of the best and free PDF online creator websites are:

  1. Online2Pdf.com
  2. SmallPdf.com
  3. Pdfescape.com
  4. Sejda.com
  5. Sodapdf.com

You can use any one of these websites to convert word or image documents into PDF files. 

Let’s create a PDF file of a Word document using Online2Pdf.com.

  • Open The Website OnlinePdf.com

You can also use other websites that are mentioned above. Almost every online PDF creator has the same process each having some different features. 

  • Select The File You Want To Convert

Any kind of word and image files and documents can be selected.

  • Choose The Preference

Using the Preference tool, you will be able to make different changes to your file. You can compress the size of the file, protect the file by password protection, and you can also set how the layout of your PDF will look like with this preference tool. 

  • Click The Convert Button

And at last, after selecting and making some additional changes to your file, you will be ready to convert your word or image document into a PDF file.

Click the Convert button to start the procedure. After finishing, the PDF file will be automatically downloaded to your computer device and will be ready to be shared with others without any chance of altering or missing any elements of your documents or files like font, color, layout, image, etc.

Offline Way Of Creating PDF Files

The offline way to create a PDF file from a word document or image document is through applications and software. There are many free as well as paid software and applications that are built for creating PDF files. 

Here is the list of some best free software and applications for creating a PDF file. 

  • PDF24 Creator
  • Wondershare PDF Creator
  • PDF Converter
  • Talk Helper PDF Converter
  • Ice Cream PDF Converter

These are all the basic pieces of information about PDF files that you should know. I hope after reading this, you have come to know what does PDF means and how you can be benefited from creating PDF files.


I hope now you know what does PDF means, the benefits of using PDF files, and how to create PDF files on mobile devices and computer devices. If you still have any queries left related to this article, then let me know in the comment box.

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