7 Free YouTube Video Downloaders For Android Phones[2021]

Are you searching for the best and free Youtube video downloader apps for Android that can help you to download Youtube videos for free on your device to watch them offline? 

You might be knowing the names of such android apps already that let you download YouTube videos on your android devices. 

But if you aren’t satisfied with those applications and are in the search for their alternatives, then this article is going to help you in knowing some best and free Youtube video downloaders for android that you might not know about. 

Why Do We Need Youtube Video Downloader For Android Devices?

As we all know downloading videos from YouTube on any device either it is a computer or Android device is against the policy of YouTube, and that’s why YouTube doesn’t allow their users to download any sorts of videos on any device. So YouTube doesn’t give us the option for downloading videos from their platform on your devices to watch them offline. 

Though YouTube doesn’t allow us to download videos on our devices, there are many third-party mobile applications, software, chrome extensions available on the internet that help us in downloading YouTube videos on our devices. 

In comparison to downloading videos from Youtube on a computer or laptop, it is quite difficult to download YouTube videos on Android devices.

We can find a number of good and legal chrome extensions to download videos from Youtube on computer devices. With the help of good chrome extensions, we can download any kind of video from Youtube in a few clicks on computers. 

But things aren’t the same for Android devices. To download videos from Youtube on an Android device, we have to use YouTube video downloader apps.

Best And Free Youtube Video Downloader For Android

I have listed the names of 7 such free YouTube video downloader apps for android devices that can occur useful for you in helping you to download videos from YouTube with ease. 

You might already know the names of some of these YouTube video downloaders in this given list. I hope after reading this article, you will get to know at least a few new names in this category of YouTube Video Downloader For Android. 

Now let’s directly dive into knowing which are the best free youtube video downloader for android.

LetVid Youtube Downloader

youtube video downloaders for Android

Most of you haven’t even heard the name of this awesome and the best youtube video downloader for Android devices. 

If you are searching for a youtube downloader for android devices better than applications like Vidmate and Snaptube for a long time, then LetVid Youtube Downloader is undoubtedly for you. 

This application has got everything to be the best for downloading videos from Youtube. This application helps you to download videos from Youtube stably and fastly in all the major available formats of the videos including 4K resolution too. 

The best thing about this application is it is completely verified by Google Play Protector. 

Install this application to download videos from Youtube on your android device and you won’t regret using it. You will explore more features of this application by yourself once you will start using it.


youtube video downloaders for Android

I will be wondered if you haven’t heard the name of Vidmate till now. Vidmate has been in the business of downloading videos from Youtube on Android devices for most users ever since it was launched. 

The simple user-friendly interface of the application and easy-to-use features have made Vidmate one of the most popular and best Youtube downloaders for a long time. 

Some of the features that make Vidmate the most popular are Unlimited Full Movie Download, High-Quality Music Download, HD Video Download, Advanced Download Technology, Live TV Channels, and the number of websites that it supports.


YouTube video downloaders for Android

Snaptube is the second-best Youtube video downloader that helps you to download any kind of video from Youtube in the easiest, fastest, and convenient way. It has got some of the best and unique features of the rest of the Youtube video downloaders for Android. 

Unlike Vidmate and most Youtube video downloaders, you don’t have to copy the link of the Youtube videos from the default Youtube app and paste it into those apps to start downloading. 

In Snaptube, you can download the videos from the default Youtube app with videos playing. To download desired videos from Youtube, you only need to click the Share button of the video and have to click Download With Snaptube option to start the downloading. 


YouTube video downloaders for Android

If you don’t want to use Vidmate or Snaptube for downloading videos from Youtube, then Videoder is the best alternative for both of them.

Videoder is a free and powerful Youtube video downloader app available for both Android and Windows that supports downloading videos from more than 50 sites including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Voot, TikTok, etc. 

The best thing about Videoder is that it is one of the very few and best tools for downloading 4K videos from Youtube.


YesTube is an easy-to-use android application for downloading videos and songs from Youtube and other multimedia content platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, etc.

There’s a search box at the top of the screen where you can type keywords or song titles to find the video you want to download. After that, you’ll see the search results.

Once you find the video you want, decide if you want to download just the audio or the entire video. On the majority of the available platforms, you can also choose the quality of the downloads, like HD or other options that take up less space on your smartphone.

VideoBuddy Youtube Downloader

YouTube video downloaders for Android

VideoBuddy is a free downloader for Android. With the help of its video detection function, VideoBuddy makes nearly all online videos downloadable including downloading videos from Youtube as well. 

Some of the features that make VideoBuddy one of the best Youtube Video Downloaders are automatic download detection while browsing the websites, blocks annoying Ads, pop-up Ads, banner Ads, offers a wide variety of video sites, movies, TV shows, funny videos, and etc. 


Many of you might have heard about this Youtube video downloader as it is also among one of the best and popular ones. 

It is also one of the easiest applications to download videos from Youtube directly on smartphones. 

If you want a Youtube video downloader in which you can download videos from Youtube with ease, then you should try this application.

These are some of the best free youtube video downloaders for android. I hope you like this list of free youtube video downloaders for android and get to know the names of at least 2 or 3 applications that you didn’t know before reading this. 

I haven’t listed the names of android youtube video downloaders that actually work, otherwise, there are many such applications on the internet that doesn’t work even after installing. 

How Can You Download YouTube Videos On Your Android Device?

Even after knowing the names of the best free youtube video downloader for android, many of you might be wondering how can I use these applications to download youtube videos on my devices?

Here I am going to explain the common steps that can be applied in all of the above-mentioned youtube video downloaders for android to download youtube videos on android. 

Procedures To Download YouTube Videos For Free On Android

  • Install one of the free YouTube video Downloaders For Android from the links given above
  • Open YouTube on your android device and copy the link to the video that you want to download
  • Open YouTube Video Downloader For Android and paste the link in its search box 
  • Choose the video format in which you want to download 
  • And now hit the Download button

There might be slightly different procedures in different applications to download videos on android, but in all these are the common steps of the procedure to download the videos.

I hope now you won’t have to feel more difficulties in downloading any YouTube video on your android devices for free. 

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